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  1. Thanks, I haven't tried Imgur yet. Image shack has changed a lot since i used to use it. My normal setup would usually have ten doors per side(and more actual housing), but I was lazy and with the ability to de-zombify them so easily I just haven't gotten around to expanding it out yet.
  2. Basically what was said by Kalbination and loader is what I do, but here's what it looks like. btw, not sure if it made any difference that I set village spawning to true for the woodlands biome this is in in the configs or not. Edit: I can't seem to do images right here, been a long time since uploading and trying any.
  3. Yes I got the game to spawn him in through having enough villagers, I ended up not having to create one.
  4. Oh man I totally forgot about that.. haha. I have done it before in vanilla even. A little more info/update for anyone trying what i did above though. Seems the villagers would not try to breed nor an iron golem spawn till after I shut the game down and reloaded it. Must be something has to update or some such with a reload to get it acting right. Now all is normal I can smelt all the villagers I want and they'll breed back up.
  5. ok thanks. I should be getting one then cause I have basically duped a setup i had used in the past in vanilla with doors set into the ground with glass over on one side in a square for centralization. I may have not given it enough time, or I may have to expand it a little since I didn't use as many doors as I did before. Either way thanks for the info
  6. I was hoping someone might know if it's possible to get iron golems in the game now that villages are disabled. I need one for my advanced genetics. I'll explain what I've done. I used the de-zombification syringe to create my own village in a woodland biome. Got 17 villagers and also have went into the configs and set the woodland biome to true for village spawning in case it matters for spawning golems. thus far though I haven't been able to get one to spawn. I was wonder if there is anything more I need to do or if there is even another way to get one within the game short of cheating one in(if there is even a spawn egg for one I haven't checked). Any help would be much appreciated
  7. They always do the same to me. Sometimes they will reappear if you keep them around long enough. I usually have them dropping their inventories in a chest with shift-right click on the chest with the staff. That will ensure you get the spoils. If you stop them before completion though they won't have used the chest and you'll need to recall them to you by right clicking the ground nearby before un-summoning. Then atleast you can know where they are and can get their drops.
  8. I do it a little more manually. Standard setup of an iron golem farm near my smeltery(for the villagers though not the iron), and then i check for ones with good trades. The ones that don't make the trade cut I just snag with the entity mover and drop them in the smeltery. I've had the same issue with finding emeralds in any of the biomes'o'plenty areas that are supposed to have them. I did finally find a regular old extreme hills biome and came across several in an abandoned mineshaft there.
  9. I believe they are part of the darwin mod. You can crossbreed them with wheat and come up with some odd looking combos.
  10. I have come across some wolves in a Taiga and the Kittys in the jungle/rainforest seem to spawn more often then vanilla so they are all over if you find the right biome.
  11. I believe I changed it by hitting the options in lower left, go to the inventory option and changing where it said cheat mode to recipe mode.
  12. It would probably be better to open the .cfg with notepad++ and just turn some of the particle stuff to false and the volwindscale down to 0.0 if the noise is a bother also.
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