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  1. WELCOME TO THE MNSMM MODPACK! I'd like to personally welcome you all to my custom-modpack-in-the-making! As of right now the mod pack is called the MNSMM Modpack or, for the long name, Mike's Not So Magic Modpack...Modpack! This is a custom mod pack I have put together containing some of my favorite mods along with some that I haven't even played before! It contains many different types of mods from Magic to Weapons to Exploration to Morphing! It has it all! Keep in mind that this is my first ever mod pack and that it's in its very early stages. I have many updates kinda planned so
  2. Nope. Don't believe so. Unless they fixed it in the 1.whatever.10 update (the one with .10 in the end) then I don't know
  3. I want to join a small (15- people) whitelisted server to play on. I've been browsing but haven't really been finding any that look good to me, are public, or already have like 100 applications. If you have a small whitelisted server and are looking for a person, either reply to this topic or send me a link to your topic/application page. Here are the basic things about me: IGN: bluewolf7979 Age: Will Give out if needed Play Time: At least 1 hour most weekdays, at least 3-4 on weekends/holidays Experience: Been playing this mod pack for about 3 weeks or so. Pretty basic understanding on mo
  4. I've been wondering if there is someway to add Pixelmon to this mod pack (by me, not the devs and whatnot) because I've been wanting to play that mod. Does anyone know if this mod is compatible with all the others and how I would go about installing it?
  5. Galacticraft is pretty fun...probably the mod I've spent the most time on. I do like Tinker's Construct though too. I don't know what my favorite mod is though...Either Galacticraft orrrrrrrrr hmmmmmmmmm maybe Mine Factory Reloaded with all the cool stuff it has.
  6. No archimedes ships will not work with carpenters blocks. Also don't try to put an Enhanced Portal on there, at least not one that's on It broke my ship into like 2 pieces so yeah...
  7. Is Witchery meant for single player? I feel like it's more for multiplayer. Is it worth getting into it in single player though? C'mon people! Keep the ideas coming! This is for everyone, not just me!
  8. Yeah...I was thinking about that but then I realized how much work and materials it took for the space station and I would have to make a bunch of stuff again. However, I do plan on doing that in the future, just not right now
  9. So I've been playing this pack for a while now on single player. And I seem to have run out of ideas on what to do or build. I came to the forums asking you guys for ideas. If you gave me an idea and want me to take a screenshot of it when I finish it, I will. Basically, this is just a forum of ideas I want people to contribute to. Here are the things I've already done: -Smeltery and Tinker's Construct Tools -Auto Spawner -Project Red Item system and Storage Room -Flans Guns -Automatic Wool Farm -Built a tower with 7 levels but only have used about 2 so far for: Galacticraft, and Food Pl
  10. Nope, works fine for me. Although I do play on single player (looking for a multiplayer server though). It works in a 5 by 5 area in front of it so I placed mine in the wall of a 5 by 5 pen. Now i got wool for days!!!!!!!!!
  11. IGN: bluewolf7979 Age: 13 (14 later this year) Skype: bluewolf7979 Average time you'll spend on the server: 1-2 hours most weekdays. On weekends should be at least 4 hours a day unless something comes up. Why do you want to join? I want to have that connection between players like the people on the server do (GennyB, BDubs, Chimney). I want to have that experience and play with a group rather than solo. There is so much more to do in this mod pack in multiplayer than in single player. I am looking for a small, nice server to play and hopefully make new friends! Will you follow the rules?
  12. Eh, I'm good. Found 16 ores in an Extreme Hills + Redwood Forest. Silk touched it and pulverized them. Seems like Extreme Hills is the way to go.
  13. Haha okay. I've been doing that for a while now, but it was mainly looking underground. Now i'm gonna put all my heart and soul into those little bat wings and flap!
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