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  1. And there's no way to configure it to work?
  2. Is there any way to get it to work with carpenter's blocks. Also can someone tell me why you can only adjust the top of the collapsible blocks from carpenter's blocks?
  3. No matter how much i try everytime i right-click the helm after placing it, it causes the modpack to crash and when i load it back up and get into the world it sits with a black screen with the crosshair, map, and text, but then crashes again. I was wondering if anyone else is having the issue. Is there a way to fix it? What be causing it? Also with the cause is there a specific memory setting you need to properly run the ship?
  4. so to manually tell it to work and install the 64bit version use the jdk and everything should be ok?
  5. So that explains it. No matter what you have to manually install 64bit java because it will always install what is best for your browser not your computer. At least that's what i'm getting.
  6. So i have to use JDK? Minecraft won't work on the 64-bit JRE? I'm slightly confused about what you said islands. and the thing with back seat modding...lol what is there a rule on these forums that says you're not allowed to help someone unless you're a moderator?
  7. When i have a 64-bit java installed nothing minecraft related works. It will shut down the program with no notifications, errors, etc.
  8. Anyways so would someone like to help explain why i would not be able to run minecraft stuff on 64-bit java?
  9. excuse me but is there a problem? 0.o
  10. that's the thing though i've given error logs to people before as to why minecraft doesn't work with 64-bit java on my computer but no one has been able to establish a problem or a fix as to why it happens. I've had some people tell me it might be because i bought minecraft back during 1.2 and 1.2 didn't work really well with 64-bit java but those people must've been smoking something.
  11. http://gyazo.com/e2d7ce697464b2a12f6ad14345d3c201 there that'll tell you everything you've asked. I'm telling you right now this is exactly what i've been saying. and if you're able to explain to me why nothing minecraft can work on 64-bit java on my computer then you'll be a first because i've asked person after person why my minecraft doesn't work on 64-bit java with this computer and not a single answer why.
  12. excuse me but if i knew the problem i'd be able to fix it myself. I will explain it one more time the problem i'm having is that the reason i can't get passed 1GB memory allocation is because my computer is running a 32-bit java. i have a 64-bit system. I have tried 10 times in the past 2 years with installnig 63-bit java and everything works fine but with minecraft it will not run on 64-bit java on my computer. either you're not reading or you don't understand very well. sorry if i'm being hostile or mean but it's frustrating trying to getpeople to understand this and myself trying to wrap my head around as to why minecraft doesn't work with 64-bit java on my computer.-.- Also i will say this again too. i have 8 GB of ram.
  13. i have 8GB of ram and have it set to the highest i can set it for. the game says it's allocating 727MB. But this is not the issue here. If you were reading correctly my issue is that i can't set it to anything higher because i can't run anything minecraft-wise, not even minecraft itself on a 64 bit java. That is the issue not the allocation of memory to the dang modpack. -.- thank you. Also when it does run out of memory when i either restart my computer the next day or close some programs like like or my web browser it stops running out of the memory so please enlighten me on how that works :/
  14. i have already said i can't get any higher than 32 bit allows because my minecraft won't run on a 64 bit java.
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