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  1. OK. so really where are the hamsters? As far as I know the config is right, but nobody on my server has ever seen them. Anybody have a clue where they are hiding?
  2. Let me ask this question for I looked at the cog-wheel and it said to try the next highest version of the modpack. What if I wanted to go back to a later version to be able to play on the server that has yet to update to the highest recommended version?
  3. Yeah may have to make a dungeon of my own, but I will know the loot at the end and know if its worth the fight... Heheh.. No that was a good idea. May have to let myself die just to get rid of all my genetics and see how far that can take me.. Just wished there was a little more adventure in the AotBT style..
  4. ahhhh.. Witches... We have slain their kind.. huh.. that or nobody makes use of that mod on my server. But would still enjoy doom like dungeons or battle towers or something that makes the adventure type enjoy the pack more. Hexxit is fun, but I want my AotBT flair too.
  5. So without the morphs my advanced genetics and heart canisters and Bdubs cutlass from TC have made me a GAWD! So when I fight a wither I just then go to my morphs. So creepers run from me skeleton's arrows do not phase me and zombies are living jokes. I say we call out for harder and meaner mobs. OK, B Team you made us gawds now make us something to play with... PLEASE.
  6. Anyone else having the issue where enhanced portals lose their redstone settings, you fix them enter the portal, but if you re-enter the still active portal it crashes the server and wipes morphs, or am I just the lucky one?
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