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  1. I'm the same with ratchet, so that may be the case. But yeah, make sure your not offline and try F3+S
  2. make the palette (look up in NEI) and right click on the statue to give it colour instead of just the block colour
  3. make sure that you've set the INPUT level up to whatever power level you want, and then also check the OUTPUT and make sure it's up (just cuz). To do this, right click on the cell and the the input is to the left and the output to the right, click the plus button up to whatever you want and you should be good. This is from memory but that should be correct
  4. you can't craft it, as of yet it is still to be implemented and only available in creative
  5. I found this to, but like Turgle said it's intended. The solution to it? Use carpenters blocks and you will stop sliding all over the place
  6. So a few weeks ago, I was able to put my raw chips from food plus into the oven from crayfish furniture, and it worked fine and got cooked chips back. I can't do this anymore and I don't get why. It cooks vanilla items fine, just not anything from food plus. Is this a bug or is this intentional?
  7. so I was scrolling though nei and I found this and I now want this so bad how can I get it halp
  8. Heyo, I don't know why but I can't create a portal with the enhanced portals mod. Well I can, just with no modifiers. I'm trying to add the sound control, dimensional and dialling upgrades, yet whenever I try to create a portal with the modifiers in the portal modifier block it won't work and I have no clue why. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help?? portal with no upgrades add the upgrades portal no work D:
  9. you have no idea how much I want this as well! I would love to be able to put all those pretty flowers into pots for inside use, I support this
  10. Heyo, what would be the first steps for galacticraft?? I have been interested about it for a while yet I really don't know where to start.. so any pointers?
  11. I think I've seen etho using a harvester in his ftb series so give that a go and see what comes out! EDIT: yup, just tested this, a harvester does work so set it up like that and don't bother with the autonomous activators
  12. Heyo, what's an easy way to find apple trees? I know they spawn in orchards yet I haven't found a single one yet, so annoying. So any effective ways of finding one? Cheers in advance
  13. holy balls that is so damn cool, imagine the amazing tree house you could make with that!! xD
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