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  1. Very useful tutorial. Will keep this bookmarked for future plans. This should be stickied or something! It may end up being flooded by "HURR DURR CAN'T LAUNCH MODPACK" posts.
  2. There's a very tiny chance of this tree spawning simply from regular rubber tree saplings. They can crash a server from simply spawning. AFAIK, you can also find a sacred rubber tree sapling in dungeon chests. But don't quote me on that.
  3. So this is what the tree looks like in first person. Looks huge, but it's not it's full size considering the limited view distance. So I then decide to render it on a map renderer, and this truly shows how huge it REALLY is. '> My question stands... why did the mod devs think this was a good idea?
  4. What the topic title says. I appear to not have any inspiration or motivation to really build anything. I don't seem to know which mod to even start learning, or what to do with anything at all. All I feel like doing is building and messing with the easier mods that I already know such as Tinkers' Construct. What do you guys do for inspiration? Or does it just come naturally? Or perhaps you guys can give me some form of goal I can go for?
  5. Due to the rainbow XP orbs, I realized when there's a ton of them on the ground it causes some server lag, and it's really annoying, especially when the console is trying to log all of them.
  6. Why thank you! :3

  7. I could say the same for you

  8. There is this message that keeps spamming the console, which I would like to know what is truly causing it, (assuming the console actually logs every time a user mines a block) and if there's a way to possibly make it stop? It's very hard to scroll through the console when this keeps happening.
  9. They are normally dropped by enemies, but can usually be found in dungeon chests... I honestly don't know which mob drops what.
  10. I am not sure how, but I'd like to also know how, because this is a really annoying issue my server console gets.
  11. The lack of knowledge we have for the mods included in this modpack scares me... I suppose we all got to gather the information on our own.
  12. I'd say the Legia bow is the most strongest bow, and the Ender Giant Sword would be the most strongest sword, correct me if I am wrong, this is just from personal experience.
  13. Out of all the things, I REALLY hate it when OP claims "Nvm, fixed it. LOL." What was the fix?!
  14. Flareons with guns

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