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  1. This is a little misleading... Personally I thought it meant that there was a fix by the Falling Meteor mod author... This solves one problem by completely disabling a feature altogether and is not a proper fix...
  2. Ive been curious about using Minecraft Land Generator as well... I am curious about one thing though, does your map show all the generated area or does it only show where your character has been?
  3. I haven't looked through many Minecraft stack traces to see the common problems that way... But two questions that I have are... - When you were on the server before, was it 1.0.1 or 1.0? Are you 1.0 or 1.0.1? Possibly they were 1.0 and you are 1.0 and they upped to 1.0.1. - Does the server show any people currently connected or is it empty? If empty, it might be a crashed server due to mod incompatibilities and needs a reboot, and maybe a rollback or possible manual fix to entity errors.
  4. This might be better suited for the Hexxit Servers forum, if you havent already posted there. But I am interested, I am looking for a smaller server to adventure with people on so I'm looking for as close to the full vanilla Hexxit experience as possible. I know special considerations have to be taken for servers as it's a beast especially when generating land. Just curious, aside from disabling single entity spawners from Better Dungeons, have any other alterations been made? Also, what time zone are you and what times are you on?
  5. So what he is doing is creating empty rifts every time he uses the Blade, when they get close together they expand and if they are big enough they will spawn Endermen. You basically need to either spawn a bunch of Rift Removers or craft them. But Rift Removers are what you need to remove the rift monster he created.
  6. - You hit F9. That shows the loaded chunks. Youll have to press it a couple times and maybe even disconnect and reconnect to get it to go away. - Inventory -> Options/NEI Options -> Item Tooltips [Hidden/Shown] Edit: Also, the yellow and red x's on the floor are from F7. That shows blocks mob can spawn on due to light level.
  7. My guess would have to be a Tinkers Construct weapon modded with fiery and nether quartz, I think the Muldyayaeirjhiefer alloy is the strongest metal to use for damage. The `Mores Bow!` mod adds some better bows too.
  8. The mod is harder now because of the watchers... I even had a dimension that was half covered and half uncovered and it seemed the trap for that room was that you had to hide from the eyes and had falling floors as well... But yeah the 2k radius is a much welcome addition... Id say even 5k is friendly compared to Tekkit 1.0.6.
  9. Are you sure you are not wearing any meteor armors? They have magnetism. You have to remove the armors when you try to get rid of things. If your character is glitched with magnetism even without the axe, creating a meteor armor piece, wearing it and then removing it may trigger the game to remove the magnetism status from your character. But that is just a guess.
  10. Adding more ram to the launcher won't solve problems. It's not a throughput issue. You have a lot of mods that were written independently of each other, its reasonable to expect issues the first time they're all sat next to each other to work together. Especially built on the Minecraft platform. If you have crash files or learn what plugins are hogging all power then feel free to report them. Threads like this don't provide much solution to the problem and there are already plenty of them filling up this forum.
  11. Hexxit w/o Optifine on SSP and ladders work for me, so if you're using Optifine, could be the problem. Curious though, is it just vanilla ladders that are the problem? Can you still climb vines?
  12. There are also Meteor Shield Test Torches. Put one meteorite chip over a stick. Creates 4. You can place these and if they glow green that area is protected, Just keep walking out from your shield and when the torches you place dont glow, that area is not protected.
  13. What enchanted items are you looking to repair? Items from mods might not have repair methods in them. Vanilla enchanted items require an Anvil, if I am not mistaken, to be repaired. I personally haven't played much Vanilla MC since the Anvil was added. Project Zulu is what adds some new potions (http://projectzulu.blogspot.com/2012/09/project-zulu-items-and-blocks.html). I think Harken Scythe has a potion or two as well. While clearing out a dungeon tower I came across some "Ice Grenades" or something like that, looks like a white liquid in a throw potion. My guess is one of the mods that deals with essences might have some additional potions as well. Maybe the Enchanted Forest mod? That's my guess. I have yet to venture there. So that mod is a big mystery to me still. -- Edit -- If you're using items from Tinkerer's Construct, they repair using the Tool bench that you used to craft them. The default button selected is the Repair / Mod button. You just use chunks or ingots of the materials used to create that tool / weapon to repair it.
  14. I'm not sure how much faster the higher bred Chocobos are but thats personally what Im going to be looking into shortly since I'm close to exploring everything within one MC day distance around my initial base. So, pack some rift sigs to your base and some dimensional doors and use a Chocobo to find new lands and rift sigs to create a transportation system.
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