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  1. Hello all. Been awhile since I've played but I'm back now. Anyway I'm playing Big Dig on Skyblock, and I've hit a snag. I need Osmium but it seems the only way to get it is go to the nether. I've looked all over the internet for alternative means of getting it, but found nothing. I'm really hoping I'm missing something and somebody on here can help me and I won't have to go into the nether, because I always feel like I'm cheating when I go into the nether. LOL.
  2. The enter key does not work in any form or fashion in ComputerCraft. I can't execute any program at all. I'm using linux.
  3. Yes, MapWriter does show what's been generated. It shows any chunk that's been loaded in the past. I used "Run MLG Windows.cmd"
  4. If you use bookcases instead of bookshelves and have every one of them full of books, you can get well over Lv. 60. I have Lv. 69 and only half of my bookcases are full.
  5. You might also try installing Optifine. I can't guarantee it will work, but at this point, throw everything at it.
  6. So I decided to make a new world with Minecraft Land Generator, however it seems that the world has generated nothing in the way of dungeons or ruins or any other modded terrain generation. I used the Hexxit server to generate, so one would think that there should be dungeons, right?
  7. Lol, out of the question. I have a 32 Bit computer and buying a new one is beyond my financial reach.
  8. I think there's a bug. I know you shouldn't be able to, but I found that a TC pickaxe in my inventory mysteriously had Fortune I so I put it on my enchanting table and increased it to Fortune III.
  9. But I wasn't having this problem until today, and I've been playing Hexxit since it launched
  10. I'm using a 32 bit OS. And I have 3GB of usable RAM
  11. Yes, I had to look it up on the LegendGear's forum post to figure out how to craft these. It would be nice if NEI showed how in the first place.
  12. I keep running out of memory 5-10 minutes into the game. It even does it while paused. This last time, I paused, stepped away to cook breakfast and when I came back it was crashed. Anyway I can stop this?
  13. If i were the developers of minecraft, or even a mod maker, I'd add a creature that made subtle changes to the landscape, (not like the endermen), these things would literally build things, but never while you're around. Kinda like Herobrine/Israphel.
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