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  1. As far as mod approval goes and integration on whatever launcher Curse has planned here are a few of my thoughts, taken from how curse already handles things. A) Look at curseforge, including their beta site. Sure it's a different mockup of their other sites but it's the same style of a developer posting up their mods. They get approved (very simple process check for malware yadda and boom approved). And then users can download them. It will never be Curses responsibility to Quality check Mods. This has always been community, this is never going to change, and it's never going to affect mod authors ability to publish their mods on Curse network. Even if FTB/Forge think they are going to quality check all of the submissions, this wont be the case, and attempting to indicate otherwise is completely counter to what curse has already established. There is no way a mod approval team can handle quality checking of mods given the obfuscated nature of the core MC code. This is already a problem on the Bukkit side of things for all the right reasons, and the code isn't even obfuscated. Curseforge is already live. It's already in use, and it already has an approval process, I highly doubt this is going to change. C) When mods are freely available from a central place with an auto-downloader there is nothing preventing anyone (read 3rd party or 1st party launchers) from generating packs, or having some form of aggregated list of mods that a server says you need. Thats what computers are for. Attempting to segregate your mod from people cause you don't want a server running it with other mods is silly. It's time to grow up ForgeCommunity. Lex already even talked about leaving the Curse framework open as a requirement. D)The only difference between creating the modpack and providing a central repo is the distribution method. Mod authors can now be certain their mods will be downloaded from the 'official' place, and maybe you'll get some ad-revenue kickback from curse, maybe, maybe a tiny bit. If you ask nice. While I understand mod authors wanting to get adlinks/revenue, the Forge community as a whole has been particularly horrible on how they distribute mods. So, curse basically taking over this portion of mod distribution will only help get the community working to either produce a better alternative or just rely on curses framework. Whichever way it goes anything is better than the bullshit of attempting to download mods 1 by 1 by browsing MCF just to make something you like and share with your friends. Platform the way it is right now has yet to get past this, but on the flipside, Platform can only get better with what's been stated as requirements from Lex in the deal. F) All of this 'curse crap' could have been avoided if the Mod Authors had decided not to engage in Dropbox/adlink temporary file location, or non-central file linkage. If You use Adfly on your pack you're just as bad as Curse, and I don't think you have any right to speak out against this deal. Most of this is haphazardly written and not thoroughly thought out, or incomplete. Take it how you will.
  2. Can you paste the contents of the script please.
  3. You can do it with a process of elimination, from what I've seen on MCPC it's generally the PirateIsland one that crashes out, though there may be others.
  4. hexxit/Chocolate/DungeonConfig/undergroundDungeon.prop It currently is set to spawn this in all biomes, you'd need to change this so it doesn't spawn in Limbo, or the TwilightForest biomes.
  5. This is not a client error, this is an error that drops on the server in 1.01. It's due to bad/outdated Dungeon templates. hexxit team needs to double-check their versions on the templates as BD has updated to 1.08c which has fixes for bad template files.
  6. Enderman spawn for me in both overworld and dungeons. They are a bit rare from what I noticed, but they do spawn.
  7. Best way to start is by pasting te script you used for MLG.
  8. 32bit java is going to max at a total of 1.5g. If you need to use more memory for hexxit its time to upgrade to a 64bit OS and java.
  9. I don't think this mod exists yet.
  10. This just gave me items, but prob cause it is in cheat mode by default. Switching out of that mode works as suggested above.
  11. If you update to 1.01 kitties should be disabled
  12. NEI has this built in. If you want to see what builds into a specific item hover over the item and press R, if you want to see what the item is used in, hover over the item and press U.
  13. I'm aware, and as I already posted an explanation earlier, I'd rather see Level based increases, or some other form of gaining extra HP other than a crafted item.
  14. did you check through the log files for stack traces? server might not actually crash but may have spit out an error during that time.
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