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  1. there are so many ways to become an invincible thunder god in minecraft, one more isn't gonna break the game. you just have to ask yourself, "do i want to be invincible, or do i want to have fun?" it's kind of like morrowind. you could become *literally* invincible in that game in the first 5 minutes using ash yams and bloat from wolverine hall. there are still a lot of people who will tell you that it was their favorite game ever, and why? because they chose not to do that. as for SMP, if someone's doing something you don't like on your server, ban them. bam. done. you don't even have to tell them why you banned them if you don't want to! personally, i think the mechanic of disenchanting gear to gain enchanting levels is fun. it gives me a reason to keep all that garbage gear that drops off of random special mobs. i wouldn't really say that anyone is at fault for this exploit, it's just a bad interaction between two mods.
  2. just use an axe to destroy the chest, and make sure you have enough room in your inventory for those phat lewts.
  3. So far, the most damaging (per hit) weapon I've tried is the Legia Bow. With Power V, it normally does 27-36 damage per hit on unarmored targets. The Crystal Bow might do more damage over time, since it fires much faster. As for melee weapons, the most damaging weapon I've found is the Ender Giant Sword, which regularly does 16 damage with Sharpness V, and can do 20 or more with critical hits. It's unfortunate that TC weapons aren't that great compared to what's available. The Legia Bow, in my opinion, is not nearly costly enough for being the most powerful ranged weapon in the game (it only takes iron, wood and string to construct)
  4. So, I built a base in Hexxit. I built it around a giant redwood tree. I was very careful to make it functional but also attractive. I was very proud of it, and I even built a meteor shield to keep it safe. Then, one day, I returned to my base to find this: Good times. I would have taken a daytime screenshot, but soon after this screenshot was taken, this entire area was obliterated by comet kitties.
  5. i considered trying cacti, but do they grow fast enough? it seems like you'd need a pretty huge cactus farm to keep up with a bioreactor. the screenshot i posted is one of my less-developed worlds, in the more developed ones i usually keep my power stations in dimensional pockets. they're 37x37x37 if you clear out the inner shell with a filler, which is more than enough to make that 100k MJ melon murder machine you've been dreaming of, and if you use a TE block breaker to break the outer shell, they can be even bigger.
  6. So I've been playing around with biofuel generators, trying to get some actual numbers. So far, I've been using melons and pumpkins, since tree farms are murder on your framerate, and they're the only setup that doesn't need a planter and fertilizer. Anyway, I want to see how some other people have their biofuel reactors set up. So, show me your melons. Here are mine:
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