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  1. I'm sure the answer to this is yes but Will there be a server version? We all like playing with friends and I am ready to purchase a Large Dedicated server for launch day. What version will it be launched as? im sure its not the newest but it be great to know. Thanks
  2. THanks yeh i love adding my own hardcore stuff too.
  3. we have an upgraded server and everythings working like a charm now. Come enjoy =D
  4. No you wont have to remove from client people just will get an error when crafting the removed mods. Remove the mod dimensionaldoors.jar and add banitem and add the id of enderbow. Or you can jsut remove the whole bow mod.
  5. its a stupid rule but do it before a mod sees it. As far as crashes. Remove DDoors, and enderbow and most crashing should stop.
  6. Anyone else getting this? It legit never ends.
  7. Alright the past week all i have been doing is fixing lag. It was a hardware issue and we got a better server because of it. Thanks for everyone that stayed!
  8. When will United Warfare be back online?

  9. Yeh and bukkitforge and forgeessentials is on there too and they are on version 1.4.7... Sometimes the modpack makers are just.. cant even explain it with words. But mcpc works fine if you have a decent server 6gb +
  10. So I have a lot of experience with server hosting and have been hosting a few servers for over a year. I got to launch my hexxit server and there is lag. This lag only accurs when you teleport or login. 30 seconds after that everything will be running fine. The lag is only for the player and not the whole server and doesent matter how many people are on, 1 or 100 it still lags. I usually host all my servers on one box on one vm so I figured I would make it its own vm and split the resources. That still did not work. So i had jsut switched hosts and have a few days left on my other host and
  11. Im trying my best sorry if any lag happens i just reallocated more ram
  12. This is prob one of the best packs thier is but did anyone test the damn thign before launch? i can give this 32gb of ram and it will still shit itself with 30 players on. Lag is horrible.
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