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  1. I dont Understand? Modular Power Suits has a 1.6.4 Update? http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1636785-0100-92-machinemuses-modular-powersuits-updated-for-164/
  2. So as expected I was going to have 50+ people on the server during launch day. The problem is my server is lagging really hard and im just at a dead end when it comes to figuring out why, Here are the specs E3-1230v2 (3.3Ghz Quad Core + HT} )4x)8GB DDR3-1066 4R*8 REG ECC 1GBPS Connection (around 100down 70up when tested with speedtest.net) The Usual resource usage cpu = %20 Ram = %35 used to be running windows server but as of today its running ubuntu but the tps seems to be droping to 4 or 5. I understand it could be the modpack but why would some other servers be doing just fine? I dont understand how other servers are keeping up with more than 30 + people. Anyone got any clues how to keep that tps up and stop the tp, spawn and login lag.
  3. Everything is working now the login servers seemed to have some issues, we also just updated!
  4. how does this thread randomly get 600 views when all other threads are at 100 or less.
  5. Yes we plan to be here for a while too! all our previos donators can get thier old ranks aswel!
  6. We are being DDOSED!! We will be back ASAP! Server IP: mc.faithsdarkness.com THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED TO THE CHARITY!! Until Monday we will be giving a special kit to all who join, It should help you get on your feet fast! Just type "/kit special" in the chat. Welcome to faithsdarkness! We have been around for a while and have just gotten off a small break. We would like to bring you one of the best BTeam servers around. Join us today and you too can help us build up our community while having fun! Rules: No Spamming No Full Caps No greifing safezoned areas Dont be a total asshole Banned Items: Trust me they are coming. Plugins: Factions (with faction chat) Essentials Market MCMMO Specs: 32 GB Ram 1GBPS Connection DDOS Protection Dedicated Personal box We will be adding image in the coming days!
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