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  1. I must say, that as a server owner myself, I found Rasta Empire to be a pretty decent server to play on. It has small bits of lag, but the staff more than makes up for it. They try very hard to make sure they can help anyone who needs it. This is a very friendly server, I'm sure that once it gets it's temporary issues resolved, this will be an Outstanding server.
  2. You know, I would really hate to see a kid get thrown in jail, jail is a shitty place. But you gotta teach them respect one way or another. Respect people how you want to be respected. ffs It's my first rule.
  3. Currently, recalling minions causes a ticking error, and the server immediately crashes.
  4. I would like for you to join my team speak some time to see if you are intrested in doing a server review for me! If so, please let me know.

  5. :3 Thank you all for the kind comments! Here's a note on the server! -Last night we had a plugin failure with Essentials, and Factions. This resulted in a spawn grief, but we have rolled it back. - Minions have been temporarily disabled until the patch is complete.
  6. This^^^^^ All of it. Every single bit of this. XD It's because #BetterThanRedstone.
  7. Also, when my players recall their minions, the server crashes. http://pastie.org/8687275
  8. Also, when my players recall their minions, the server crashes.
  9. Don't know if this is happening to everyone.... But when you hit redstone ore, it stays lit.
  10. Thank you for the invite! My Ip is
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