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  1. Don't worry mate =) Under the new EU law DDOS'ing and other illegal activity is now up to 15 years in prison. Also they are looking more into cyber attacks and piracy issues lately. Sooner or later some bunch of kids are gonna drop =) 3 weeks ago there was a 15 year old kid who got 3 years in juvenal and 2 years in prison for downloading a Pixar movie :D
  2. How is the staff friendly and helpful? Only admin who EVER reacted to my problems is HeRa. Meanwhile there has been 7 of them online and none of them even react to my questions, not to speak of any help.
  3. Ive tried all the Bteam servers in this list so far and this, also the last i tried, is the best! Love the staff, the spawn is extraordinary and the server is lagless. Can suggest to join! =)
  4. Agreed. Another thing i noticed is that some items are banned with the message ":Donate" As far as i know, none of the mods included in this pack allow you to sell their intellectual property. Also it's not too nice either. I love to donate to worthy servers without asking. I know many others like me.
  5. I would like for you to join my team speak some time to see if you are intrested in doing a server review for me! If so, please let me know.

  6. THE one good thing about this server is that it has no lag what so ever! Despite that : 1) Admins just do not care, whichever problem should you have.They're there, they see you talking, they just ignore it =) 2) Hopper is disabled thus crippling Advanced Genetics mod - this leads to not able to be a mad scientist in a mad scientist modpack. 3) Factions do not work so not much point in establishing anything cause at the end of the day you cant protect it. I'm a patient person, but ive been calling for help for 2 days now over these issues and with 5 admins being online, not a single reply so far. My suggestions: 1) FIRE admins who are there just for the status, hire ones that actually stand for the gameplay and the players. 2) Make an admin shop and add DNA Extractor for sale. 3) Enable factions please! Not giving up yet since this server has a lot of potential due to no lag at all. Just few things that need to be fixed. NB! I keep getting the vote spam, but the thing is that my girlfriend already voted so i can not since we are on the same connection (IP), but i still keep getting the vote spam. Please remove it. Or maybe just make it not spam so often, i cant talk to people. Cheers unjoyer
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