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  1. Let us not go to 'nam a lot. It is a silly place.

  2. Yeah, it's kind of annoying how every modder seems to think that for their mod to be balanced, the recipes need a trillion diamonds and you have to kill the Wither with wheat seeds twice before you can make the tier 1 items.
  3. This has my seal of approval. Unfortunately the aquarium came and took it back to its habitat, apparently a kiddy pool is not an appropriate replacement.
  4. I'm still alive, not doing science though.

  5. Eh, it was on topic, and better than starting a duplicate thread.
  6. I clicked the link to your repo and a midget jumped out of my PC, punched me in the face, and stole my girlfriend. What the hell guy!? D:
  7. You guys are trying too hard. It's a lot funnier if it actually looks like a dumb ass post we could get. Rather than one of the ones we use to satirise those stupid posts.
  8. Huh. I have now learned that if someone crossquotes a post of yours into a thread you've never posted in, you get an alert.
  9. Well, this thread is certainly.. something.
  10. You now have a computer that crashes every few seconds. I wish the next user would corrupt this wish.
  11. It still counts as BC if it's an addon for BC. And BC has Redpower well beat in that, considering Eloraam doesn't even allow people to make addons most of the time.
  12. You realise that making a post which consists of nothing but complaining about a necro is generally worse than the necro itself?
  13. I pirated it about 2 months before it went into Beta, and then someone gifted the first beta version to me when it came out.
  14. Dude, now you just like jinxed it, it was all cool but then you got your cooties all over it and we're never going to be able to whalebox it now :<
  16. Yeah, that stopped being funny a long ass time ago.
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