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  1. This isn't the correct section for server posts...
  2. Best thing I can think of is to have a few snacks and wait for dinner, if your lunch errors are that severe.
  3. Obama is secretly plotting to turn the USA into a Police State similar to Nazi Germany. Evidence: He has no hair!
  4. Cruising the forums looking for something to burn time on until I fell into the embrace of sleep. I saw a thread titled "Games You Regret Buying" well, I figured, some introspection might be good. 20 minutes later and my post was complete. Looking it over, I realized that approximately 50 of my 86 games are on the list. As you may imaging, upon realizing this I was rather depressed by the realization that I have wasted hundreds of dollars on games I will never play again. You may view the thread Here, I am at the bottom of page 68: http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/12/86497357782
  5. I have been trying to make a force field work for a while now, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. It has power, But I just can't get it to actually MAKE a force field. Any suggestions?
  6. That's pretty much my take on new tekkit as well, I just can't play a modpack without those 2 mods anymore.
  7. Enslave the indigenous population and use them to do it!
  8. Just what the title says, I got back into Minecraft recently and I think this modpack is amazing. It has a great combination of mods, and is pretty stable (for me anyways). Thank you to those who made it possible!
  9. Me and some friends have a LAN Tekkit Lite world that we play on, and every so often it will kick everyone except host and give "end of stream." After we all get end of stream (game is on my bro's computer) we have to wait a few minutes and then we can join again. If anyone has a fix I would appreciate it. We all have windows 8, java is updated, game has 7GB of RAM allocated.
  10. There seems to be a lack of discussions about actual gameplay, mostly just discussions about getting to the point of being able to play hexxit. Isn't there a seperate section for that sort of thing (bug reports) already or did I miss something?
  11. This has gotten somewhat off-topic...
  12. I mean, are ALL items unnamed, or just a few?
  13. When you set it on fire it gains the ability to fly, which is why I didn't say to put the fire out, just hop on and fly away!
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