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  1. Pokémon are the ones that learn teenagers to make dirty jokes!
  2. Prime Minister of Norway is actually a slitheen!
  3. NOOOO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! Now valve will NEVER release it! You've doomed us all... BRING THE FAIRY DUST!!!!
  4. Godzilla is real. The movies were manifests from reality, and CIA deleted our memories after the incidents. Real life picture of the monster:
  5. As I'm being quite bored, I found out that it would've been fun making my own conspiracy theories. Then I had another idea about letting others join the fun. The third idea was to back it up with "facts". Maybe this won't be popular, but I'll try my best. Be creative! I'll start: Disneyland will take over the world by poisoning the air using "fairy dust".
  6. I'll go with Mephiles the Dark I'm not a big sonic fan, but Mephiles is one of the creepiest, craziest things i've seen. He actually kills our blue beloved hedgehog, completes his plan and uses his counterpart Iblis as a cover for his dark operations. His theme song is creepy as frick, and the way he moves... creepy as fu**. This guy is utterly crazy. Too bad he got wasted on such a bad and faulty game though. Here, let me show you: Theme song: Killing scene:
  7. Noddy and the magic book!!!! Complete freeroam!!! :)
  8. Somebody needs to tell Calclavia that there should be a mod with electric weapons and tanks with charge pads. Everything in ICBM is intended to work with UE core. Flan and Ferullo does not use this power-system, and therefore is not related to voltz AT ALL. But, almost everything in the current voltz pack is not related to UE, like Minefactory (which is fun, but soon outrun by several new UE mods) and Applied Energistics (which I personally have no use for) So, I don't want any unrelated gun mods in it PERSONALLY, but it is possible in the current state of the pack. Tetta and Fa
  9. I've heard that technic will soon make launcher 1.6 compatible. Maybe then there will be resonant induction, which adds tons of tons of wires. AND TESLAS WOOHOOOO!
  10. Hi Doc!

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      I have returned from last month with a message: I will now change my profile pic. Sorry :(

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      But who is to save us now?

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      Polly, obviously!!

  11. You misspelled cool as "useless". Who needs to walk to their buddys house now?? If you want private teleporters, then command blocks might be needed. ;)
  12. You'll need a frame: bottom, top: 3x3 dynamic tank, corners on the middle part. Then fill in the glass and valves you need. WARNING: The tank needs to be hollow: no blocks in the middle!
  13. Oooohhh! Thank you Materie! But are there tanks too? That was why I liked Railcraft (mainly). Edit: Try using dynamic tanks and dynamic glass in a hollow 3x3x3 cube ;)
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