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  1. Server I.P. Address: carbonexpansion.minecraft.ms Rules: - No killing in or around spawn. - No Tag-Locks in or around spawn. - No spamming. - No client-side hacks. - No X-ray/see-through texture packs. (We will check.) - Respect all players and staff. The server is expected to be up 24/7. About The Server The purest AotBT experience yet. Minimal plugins, no mods or items banned, restricted, or removed. Once you leave the spawn area, you are free to do anything. The server and the community are brand new. We accept players of all ages and do not discriminate. All that we ask is that you follow the rules. Visit our website! www.carbonexpansion.enjin.com Join our TeamSpeak server! carbonexpansion.enjinvoice.com
  2. "Edited server.properties [Added hamachi ip into the server ip line]" Don't do that. Leave the I.P. Line blank. Your friend should now be able to connect using your hamachi IPV4.
  3. I run a server off of my computer for me and my friend. After a few hours of it running i get the "can't keep up" message about every few minutes through the console. How do I fix this? PC Specs: GPU: GTX 570 HD CPU: AMD FX 8350 8-core @ 4.2 ghz RAM: 16 gb corsair vengeance DDR3 1600 mhz (8 gb allocated to server) I heard this problem was cause by not having enough cpu power but my CPU is great, i should be able to play bf4 while the server runs and still be fine but i get this error message when my pc is idling at desktop.
  4. I'm 17. I'm a PC gamer and nerd. I like Minecraft. And sometimes, I like to sit in the refrigerator and pretend I'm a milk. Can I partner with you? :P
  5. I know. I generated a new world each time I changed something. No effect.
  6. After some exploring I found that I can change all of the ore spawns including vanilla in the world.cfg
  7. Age: 16 Minecraft Name: pixal8tedmess Skype Name: tre2963 I have a server we can use. I won't be able to play till august 3-6 because I'm on vacation right now and the internet here is so bad I can't even be in a skype call for more than 5 minutes without losing connection. Add me anyways.
  8. The RAM usage is normal, but you really need to get more RAM because you're cutting it pretty close at 3 GB.
  9. I want the ore spawn rates in tekkit, and other modpacks to be like they are in the Big Dig pack. How do I do this? Update: Editing the world.config in the config/cofh to the same as it is in big dig doesn't seem to change anything! Why?
  10. It's definitely the internet connection, it doesn't matter if you have 70 mbps, because that doesn't mean your bandwidth, ping, and stability are good too.
  11. Voxel


    There are already so many ores that are in the mod-pack, and now they are WAY more frequent and come in larger quantities, there is little room, and tin seems to be on the low priority side. Everybody is having problems finding tin.
  12. Sorry to all of those who didn't get accepted! I only had 3 slots and i didn't expect to get so many applications! You may still be accepted if i decide to use more slots or someone drops out!
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