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  1. Hey Everyone. I just got back on MC after about a year and a half off and Im simply looking for same aged people (21+) to play with who are mature, and looking to build stuff and explore the modpack. I found a good server for myself and others so I guess If you are interested simply comment below. IG name: Age: Thanks guys Looking for maybe 3-4 people, but if theres more its not a problem.
  2. Its the latest Voltz server, and the main pluugin I am looking for is WorldEdit. Unfortunately the World edit plugin they have on forge is 1.7 not 1.5 As for the server issue itself I got it solved
  3. Hey people whats up, I used to own servers back in the day, and now realized MCPC+ forge and all are gone, so how would I set up a simple little server with World Edit for example and a couple other small land and building plugins? EDIT: oh and when I launch the server after unzipping it it just shuts down. Thanks
  4. It did work. Xefilis go to the appropriate thread in cafe Lame
  5. Well sorry dude I cant run a cracked version :/
  6. Why dont you simply buy it? lol because Having a cracked "public" server on my own computer can be pretty dangerous lol
  7. When I start it It says Im missing essential library files?
  8. Hey guys, I havent hosted a modded server in about a year and i have to say I kinda forgot how to do so. I got the server to download and work, got spigot, BUT when it launches, no mods are loaded. Am i missing something? thanks for your help
  9. Thats some nice stuff! Your in! I PM'ed you
  10. Hey everyone! Im thinking of making a creative server to reproduce a 1/1 scale megalopolis with other "worlds" like Star wars on the moon, Western in a big desert biome, etc I actually got the idea from the Lego movie which really got me pumped lol I mean you guys have loads of different settings ( as in Far west, Underwater gungan city, Egyptian etc) we could build and I mean the sky is the limit in minecraft, literally lol For the megalopolis I was thinking like 2000x2000 blocs with different districts: -Downtown business district with skyscrapers (150 to 250 blocs high) -
  11. Having a Huge Chunk generation problem With random chunks generating all over the place, any help?
  12. ADMINS please delete this thread, i made it in the wrong section. PLEASE report to the B-Team Server talk forum to see the post Thanks!
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