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  1. IGN: eladd Skype: NONE[why] for several reasons[one of them is it wont download] Raidcall:danisaiah[why] its the only thing i can think of[also my bros using that][WARNING A LOT OF RUSSIAN GROUPS X-X] Youtube: None[sorry 3:] Best minecraft talent:building mega towers,helping people out,Making pvp maps[using flan's mod][i'll tell you how to use it when i get on ok] Age:16 mature Anything else: '> awesome at building pvp maps '> this is what happens when you close the server V '> the flags turn into american flags[from galactic-craft] i like to make sure the server owners get some donations for the server V '>
  2. if this works then we can build the city finally
  3. pm'ed where??? EDIT:nvm i found what pm means XD
  4. id say Attack of the B-team for it is awesome! also check my facebook for a tower i was working on! facebook accounts here:https://www.facebook.com/Danisaiah9?ref=tn_tnmn Age: 16 mature How long have you been playing: since 2011 On a scale from 1 to 10 in building where would you situate yourself? : 9-10 for i still new to the mods Do you have any pictures/links to your work where we can see you made it? : https://www.facebook.com/Danisaiah9?ref=tn_tnmn What part would you like to build in the City? : everything? lol.. i want the city to look like the future is now literally THE FUTURE IS NOW
  5. Your IGN: eladd Your age: 16 mature but bad at speaking the right sentence meaning I put the wrong sentence in the typing thingy[DANG JUST DID IT AGAIN!!!!] A short blurb about why you want to play on this server (What you're looking for, what you'd be excited to do, etc.): I'm looking to build a futuristic town nearby and i need to be creative to do that[don't worry i wont grief], im expecting you to say no or something... and to just ban me for griefing[even though i didn't]...and saying i did something wrong when i wanted forgiveness [DANG IT I JUST DID IT AGAIN!!!], and i just want a server that is nice and friendly[hope i don't crash it with Archimedes ship mod{how i crashed it was i used mods to build the ship and it crashed the server and permanently crashed it.... so he banned me from it just cause i put the wrong blocks onto the ship... should have used vanilla minecraft block not mod blocks(you really need a sign for that)okay}again like the last server]{SHOOOT I DID IT AGAIN!!!!} ugh now im expecting you to decline this message........ please forgive me of what i just done...though your not my judge...ill pretend you are....forgive me of my sins........i promise i wont do it ever again.... i just ask you for creative[i ALSO PROMISE I WONT GRIEF OR STEAL!!!]so i can build you a building that can WOW the entire community! wow long blurb XD p.s. teach me how to be a staff of the community please? p.s.s im still expecting a big "N" "O" if you forgive me p.s.s.s. the last server said no to me asking them for staff... what am i to do now?? i got so many ideas here just take it all :'( '> '> '> '> '> '> also this picture is somthing that flans mod and galactic craft wont mix at XD | V '>
  6. Minecraft username: eladd Are you over 16? yes i just turned 16 Do you plan to put footage on youtube? (Not required)maybe Why you want to join? to build pvp maps EDIT: i love this mod pack and i want to join your server please dont close it till im in!!!! EDIT:shoot i think its closed
  7. i was banned from the server :'( i dint grief it was the creepers that did it :'( please turn the explotions off ;-; why am i banned from the server i dint do anything wrong[ the creepers the problem] i was moving out of town but now i am banned how am i supose to make a new town without being banned :'(' eladd p.s. would a griefer admit that he is the griefer???? p.s.s. i would admit im a griefer.... but god said i dint do anything wrong[please forgive me of my sin Jesus] EDIT: wow im bad at typing a forgive me request XD ummm explotions are turned on ok
  8. this is eladd i made a map for your server heres the map:file:///C:/Users/Daniel/Dropbox/Public/Flans%20mod%20MAP.rar also i will apply for staff
  9. Ign: eladd age: 16 TZ: Central Standard Time Why this server? looking for a place to build a map[also i want to build Projects] i know this is a survival server BUT i will pay for the server for op, i know i know... the rules say no asking for OP but ill pay for it IN REAL LIFE DOLLARS QUESTION: can i build a modern warfare map in a world for people who would like to build their own maps for modern warfare[flans mod] i'm ok if i don't HAVE to but ill pay for the world [how much does a world cost? REAL LIFE MONEY!! $10,$5,$0.50,$0.10,Free? cause i really need one BADLY like A IMPOSABLE BADLY!!! dont go overboard with the money ok] I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR OP[except killing myself which i wont do] im bad at spelling ok but i can build AMAZING MAPS
  10. says not whitelisted it is "eladd" isent it?[no space no quotes] hope your ok with that dont worry, no ones going to grief you with me around
  11. IGN: eladd Reason: wanting to build a project on a server with no lag[a little lags fine ] Age: 16-dont worry im mature
  12. dint get whitelisted why is that? ok now it wont work again 5 minutes and still not whitelisted unless the servers telling me that my ign aint workin..... it is "eladd"
  13. App:are faces allowed?? [under me tells me a yes ] IGN: eladd What is your favorite mod in the pack? flans gun mod are you a builder, explorer, or tech genuis? you just made my day better[all builder, explorer, and a tech genius] How well do you know the mods? ( will not effect your chances on getting accepted) almost all the way Age : 16 but mature enough [but sometimes misspells] to speak youtube Nope sorry raidcall[if you have one]: danisaiah
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