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  1. added a handful of new applications, hope to see you soon. Please, check and apply at oodland.proboards.com IF you're not whitelisted yet, please see the forums for the server to apply. Thanks! server ip is oodland.mymc.io
  2. Added everyone up to this point See you soon. And 16 is just a number. Maturity isn't just how old a person is.
  3. MiningKK and FL are added. let me know if you have an issue logging in.
  4. Welcome to OODLAND! Please, apply at oodland.proboards.com from now on. I appreciate it! Hello again! It seems I made some mistakes here on my last post and it got deleted. I hope I can do better this time around. Ok, here goes: I've started a small 18 slot Attack of the B Team server. It is a WHITELISTED server. The reasons for this is that it is a completely "vanilla" server in that there are no protections set up. PvP is on by default and fire will spread. TnT works. Minions can be summoned (max 2). I want mature, honest folks to join. I will not regulate language (obviously no hate
  5. Who are you: My name is Oodahn Where are you from: California How old are you: I'm 33 years old Why do you want to play on our server: I'm looking for a whitelisted server that focuses on survival. Also, a server with decent, like minded people. What do you think you can offer the server: Friendliness. A creative builder. Activity. Favorite Power Ranger: Green Ranger
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