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  1. Am I the only person on here who doesn't make fake accounts just to bump their server listing?
  2. We are NOT a Pay To Win/Pay To Play server. We do NOT offer donor perks. We only ban items that can be used for grief. The creators of this server HATE the fact that most servers have stupid "donor perks". Let's be honest, those "perks" are just pay to play and pay to win, and that sucks! You should NEVER have to PAY to unlock ACCESS to Turtles or Quarries. With that rant out of the way, we hope you choose to play on our friendly and casual Tekkit Legends server! IP: http://www.gamesbykyle.com/minecraft
  3. We will be coming back online within the next 24 hours!
  4. Do you know ehat the broblem is?


  5. Help I crash ever time i log on. Look at ure server thread. Its because of the mycentium stone.

    Pls delete my inventory and tpa me to spawn. resore  my Pa with its shock absorber and elite battery(hv capacitor), atomic dissasembler and wrench and universal cable everythng exept that stupid mysentium stone.Pls help me


  6. You were banned for randomly killing PK_Noob (me). You have been unbanned.
  7. If anyone is wondering why the server is offline today it is due to a player hooking up some pipes in a way that is crashing the server when their chunk loads. I am currently deleting the blocks and the server should be online within a few hours.
  8. IP: Like the server? Maybe donate? CLICK ME
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