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  1. Apparently it says that I need a JRE of 1.5.0 required. I recently updated my java and now I can't use the Technic Launcher due to that error. Since the JRE V 1.5.0 is no longer available to all of us, how are we supposed to be able to play if upgrading Java could possibly make you not able to play with the Technic Launcher? I hope you understand the problem. -Gabe note: I don't have screenshots. D:
  2. "There is one more option, although it is of limited use. A Tesseract counts as a direct, completely lossless connection and will transfer as much energy as you can throw at it. But it will effectively be limited by the amount that the target can take. Would be useful if there were single-block machines that used ungodly amounts, but most big energy users are either multiblock or otherwise distributed. So not really a solution in most cases." -Curunir 2014 Working on the single block machine that uses ungodly amounts of energy, but it creates diamonds in a second!
  3. HeroGabe


    I still have the old technic pack launcher. Funny, I didn't delete it? Yeah.
  4. The Technic Platform, and coincidentally, the site technicpack.net, are both down! Why is this?
  5. ING: HeroGabe AGE: 12 WHY YOU : I am just bored, but also because on way, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY larger servers, usually everything I build gets griefed in one way or another at ONE point in time. Even I could not explore everything Voltz has to offer without needing to do 1 quadrillion quarries over and over again!
  6. *facespike* You have got to be kidding me about this server! You can't even join because there is no IP listed!
  7. Server Owners are AFRAID (and I mean it!) to UPDATE to the latest Voltz versions... the main reason would be "Voltz 2.x.x" worlds would be WAY messed up. Removing Mekanism causes some problems to server owners. Still, Voltz 3.0.x would be a chance of starting brand new, so you don't have to be afraid, Server Owners! There is another excuse for NOT updating to Voltz 3.0.x, and that is.... the "It's not the recommended version of Voltz!" excuse. WELL JUST TELL THEM HOW TO UPDATE TO VOLTZ 3.0.x! Dudes! We can update our servers, we just have to update to Minecraft 1.6.4! It is that simple! Yeah, it kind of sucks that Voltz 3.0.x has no Mekanism at the moment, but I am sure they are testing it and will come back in the future. I hope I have helped the rage with many players that currently play Voltz 3.0.x (No Voltz 3.0.x servers, THAT IS A HUGE RAGE TO CURRENT PLAYERS TOO!)
  8. If you are planning to be big, then start with 4GB, it can hold a max of 10 people on a small map. 5 on a Medium map, and 1 on a Large Map. I suggest that you ask for donations and give them stuff if they do, and then after you get enough money, BOOM! You will be able to upgrade your server! Please note that that means more players, and more players means... MORE DONATIONS, which leads to MORE UPGRADES. Everyone wins THAT way, instead of having people say "SERVER TOO LAGGY, WILL NOT DONATE", well, guess what jerks who say that, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR WAY UNLESS YOU DONATE. LAGGY SERVERS ARE CAUSED BY THESE THINGS: Chat spam (Too much activity, takes up a ton of ram), Not enough Memory on Server (Yeah, those jerks complain about lag!), Loading Chunks (Again, too much activity going at once for the server, but it also makes the world larger, which makes it take up more space, and... so on and so forth.), and other causes. Hopefully I have made your server owning experience much easier. Salutations!
  9. Also, why is your username Herobrine? It seems like YOU are the mysterious owner of the Herobrine account, A_Thousand_Suns7.
  10. Thanks. P.S: I seem to have found out the DW20 1.6.x pack had the same issue, but it is not happening anymore, maybe it was a bug before forge released another recommended version. I am sure it was MCPC+ that also updated.
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