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  1. Ah, I see. I found that out after my younger brother's friend spawned at my house lol but thank you for the confirmation
  2. I went to Tropicraft near my house on my server. After returning, I cannot access, build, or destroy any blocks nearby the portal and neither can my friend. After a bit of research, I saw that you have to be op to do it. Does anyone else know of this problem and a solution? I tried destroying the portal while op'd and even deleting the Tropicraft realm to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Jakalth: Ahh, thank you. I knew tesseracts could transfer huge amounts but I wasn't sure if they changed it. Turns out the problem was that I needed an extra set of blades. I greatly appreciate the help. EDIT: Huh, maybe I should mess with mine a bit more. I'm able to generate around 5100 power but I'm using 630 steam to do so. Thanks for the additional info.
  4. Huh, that actually answers a bit of what I was going to ask. I was over-complicating my setup by trying all kinds of combinations using the transfer nodes from Extra Utilties, didn't think of a solution as simple as the tesseract connected directly to the output. Though, I do have a few more. What do the % values on the control rods actually do? I was also wondering if you could give tips for my smaller reactor/turbine combo. The highest I've been able to get my turbine to is ~1580 RPM. If you have the time of course. Pictures of both are at http://imgur.com/a/JmaDE . My reactor is cooled by R
  5. Maybe your world got corrupted. Is it on the world list and just not loading, or not there at all?
  6. They either changed something or you experienced a bug, or maybe I did. I just made some unstable ingots last week and the first batch blew me up in full power armor but I retrieved my items and proceeded to make the ingots again. I'll go try it out real quick I suppose. EDIT: Yeah, all my items popped out when I died for me to pick up again.
  7. For your second question, I'm not sure if redstone engines can power a pulverizer but maybe. I haven't tried it. You can try the way I did it if you'd like. I built a Steam Dynamo in the beginning with an Aqueous Accumulator underneath it to keep the Steam Dynamo filled with water. Make sure the Aqueous Accumulator has water source blocks on two of it's sides. The Steam Dynamo runs off fuels such as wood or coal. You can either wire the dynamo directly to your machines using Leadstone Energy Conduits or after you get the resources to make a Leadstone Energy Cell, you can wire the Steam Dynamo
  8. I was looking to purchase a good server for about 5 people for Tekkit Space. After a bit of searching through server hosts, I've hit a point that I feel I need advice from more experienced people. How much RAM would I need to purchase to run it smoothly? Also, would full FTP access allow me to manually install Tekkit or would I have to purchase it with Tekkit pre-installed? Thank you for the help.
  9. Just what the title says, is is possible to power a turtle using MJ's? Sorry if it's been answered before, but the only answer to this question I was able to find was from the FTB forums regarding the "MiscPeripherals" mod ._.
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