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  1. Reinstated FastCraft mod for client side improvements
  2. Added client side mods to increase client performance.
  3. Updated the power system to make Solar Gens the best. Also made Windmills less important. This was done to help assist anyone having an FPS issue. We've implemented preventive measures against any exploits.
  4. Recently updated to 1.7.10 Complete map reset with a fresh start to everyone!
  5. Happy Thanksgiving! We're going to be doing a drop party for the holiday for anyone wanting to come play.
  6. Our economy has grown to where players are actually selling game property to each other for irl. Real estate continues to grow. Website has been updated to appeal to more people.
  7. Removed CrayFish due to the lag it was causing. We'll also be auctioning off popular properties if they come up for sale.
  8. Server has been transferred to new hardware and is now back online running smooth.
  9. Added Additonal guns. Changed gun recipes. Added Gun Attachments Removed GrowthCraft
  10. New warping system has been added to exit the prison. Prison exit cost reduced to $200 /kits added for players * Soon going to add more guns for everyone
  11. Working on adding some new vote rewards through a virtual shop. This will allow voters to get a special rank among other things.