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  1. Hope everyone likes the new images we've created. Thanks to Amaxter for the video on Gotham! We're working on releasing a updated version of one of our modpacks. You'll find out when it's on trending soon!
  2. Gotham City is currently trending. We're still implementing NPC changes, factions, player gangs, and of course Hero Suits. Everything is scheduled for updates this coming Tuesday.
  3. Working on 1 new modpack release per month!Implemented an online Auction House for Organized Crime. (Eventually all severs)Testing Grief Prevention to replace Towny.
  4. Organized Crime - Updated psychedelicraft to fix lobby chat issue. Thanks to mod developer!Wild West - Updated psychedelicraft to fix lobby chat issue. Thanks to mod developer!
  5. New Modpack: Crazy Craft UltraNinja Warriors - Removed Minecraft Comes Alive only temporarily until their update in 7 days. Added Tubes mod.
  6. Ninja Warriors - Removed ChocoCraft due to Fatal Errors on client side. Ninja Warriors - Updated Minecraft Comes Alive to newest version. Wild West - Updated Psychodelicraft and IvToolKit. Molotovs are a go! Organized Crime - Updated Psychodelicraft and IvToolKit. Molotovs are a go! Business and Bullets - Updated MCHeli mod. New Aircrafts for everyone!
  7. About the Community OhGaming was established April 2012. It began as a small Voltz server during that time. As things changed and grew so has OhGaming. We've tried different things from Big Dig, Tekkit Lite, and some other default Technic Modpacks. While we feel these modpacks are great we still wanted to bring more to the community. This is when we started creating our own Modpacks. Our goal is to provide a unique fun experience through custom modded content that you're unable to find other places. Our content is built for Multiplayer, playing online with others, and we structure our Modpacks and in game worlds around this. We believe it's the Multiplayer that makes Minecraft so great. Meeting new friends, learning new things, and even killing others in combat. All of these things together make the online experience. OhGaming is here to enhance all these things and give everyone a great community to be apart of. We're professionals at what we do and with our solid knowledge of Minecraft modpacks you'll have years and years of fun! Community Rules Our rules are simple. No Advertising, No Spamming, No Hacking, and No Exploiting. Of course these are a general concept that everyone should know. We don't allow abusive players, hackers, or activity that will ruin the fun for the other players. We offer a multi-database logging system that tracks player activity. This means we'll catch anyone who becomes a threat to others, anyone who griefs, and anyone causing problems for those enjoying the modpacks we provide. View the Complete Rules Here Forums | Facebook | Twitter