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  1. OK I did read up on it. But its not recommended build yet and the world will completely destroy its self if I update. When its recommended I will update
  2. I just got the dupe patch for the mekanism, also I don't think voltz 3.0.0 will be the recommended for a awhile. I'm going to keep my server at 2.0.4 in till its recommended or I find it is safe to update
  3. NanoCraft Voltz Server Mods banned: No mods are banned! Items banned: Redmatter explosives/missiles Item router Obsidian_TNT Matter Cannon Elite Factory Website: http://nano-cft.org Server ip : voltz.nano-cft.org or mc.nano-cft.org:25673 Server Features: Economy Factions Essentials Chest Shops (Admin Shops & Player Shops available) Economy rewards for mining & killing mobs! Transfer enchantments from items to books and vice-versa. Tons of Donator perks including reserved slots & item/xp stuff! Server Specs / Server Size: dual Intel Xeon E5-2687w processors, Processors have a 3.8Ghz turbo frequency, and a 8GT/s QPI speed, 6gb ram with SSDs, 1Gbps connections. ---------- World Limits: No world limits, this limit may be increased in the future. Slot limit: 100 player slots | +10 reserved slots for Donators (110) total slots. ---------- Rules: - Do not annoy admins for items / OP / GM. We are not here to give you things we are here to moderate the server. - Do not ask staff to enchant items for you. - Do not use profanity (swearing ) in chat - Do not Bully other players in chat. Bullying will not be tolerated. - Do not use all CAPS in chat. It is perceived as shouting. - Listen to admins. Disrespectful talk towards an admin / member of staff will not be met kindly. - No griefing spawn. - No Hacks - Do not spam TP requests to players / staff. (it's annoying ) - No spamming in chat - No advertising in chat - Please don't shout hacks in chat when you get raided / killed. If you have a problem with a player please come on team speak and report it to a member of staff. - Players have access to invisibility potions. if you are being griefed by something you can’t see it’s not an admin - Admins never raid players so if you get raided it was by a player and not a member of staff. - Impersonation of ANY staff member will result in a permanent ban. - Duping of any kind.
  4. we are not accepting staff atm but i would perferr for you to apply on website
  5. How do you get a server on the loading screen cause im really curious

  6. Server IP: Voltz.nano-cft.org Server rules: No hacking, No duping,No cheats. Banned items: Redmatter bombs and explosives, Anti matter missle and explsives,Armbot This server is a raiding and greifing server. we have factions and nice staff we started the server up about a week ago and we are looking to improve of players. the players we have are havinnbggbn lots of fun so i decided to improve the players by adding it to the officle server list. we are a 24/7 server with 4gb ram and 20tps if we have downtime we will warn you guys on website We are a freindly community that are looking for players that will stay and injoy the server for what it is and like to play liget we will be uploading pictures soon Website: http://nano-cft.enjin.com
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