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  1. How do you get a server on the loading screen cause im really curious

  2. Rule 1 : DO NOT ASK OR YOU GET BANNED. If you do ask you will NEVER get on that list and no you cant bribe us with money or free stuff dont even try it will just get you banned and your forum thread removed!
  3. Wow lot of my blocks never built that much with them before :)
  4. the test server is with clanslots and i cant fault them
  5. this happened because we had to update the configs as somebroke between the last update and voltz is still in its beta phases so dont expect it to be 100% stabel
  6. I can confirm that in the next release of voltz this will be on the servers list by default as a recommended server EDIT : I also granted iWireless permission to post a banner of his host in his thread
  7. hey can anyone help when i open the launcher it says its already open but its not i cant even get on the home page

  8. i will confirm these are the official servers
  9. @epicwolf88: Perhaps you should be a bit more specific... I'm pretty sure the mobs are the same as with 1.4.6, and plus there are better materials... Drr to simply say "machines and energy stuff" is extremely broad, plus there already are "machines and energy stuff" so I don't see what your problem is.

  10. All these belong in there own thread not here **Locked**
  11. ok Iwireless if any of your user are caught advertising on ANY servers again i will be removing this post.
  12. more effort is needed here failed to follow the rules on server posting http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/rules-and-guidelines-for-server-posts.33949/
  13. needs more work read the rules! http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/rules-and-guidelines-for-server-posts.33949/
  14. If you can just a suggestion :D

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