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  1. Double posting is bad, Don't do it, And to be honest, you arn't really going to find anyone to make the modpack for you, i suggest you just make it you're self by looking up a few tuts here on the fourms, or youtube,
  2. I.....i dont understand, Is this a request for someone to MAKE, You a modpack, Or just asking for help with one you've created, Also, We need more info, Such as, Whats happening with it,
  3. Beastnode, I've Ripped A Beastnode Running Tekkit A New Arsehole Before With The Zombie Package, And Never Gotten A Single Lagspike On One, I've Got An Akliz Server, Its......Meh, But It Runs A 30 Slot VOLTZ Server With 1GB Of Ram Just Fine, I'd Go With beastnode.
  4. Akliz Is......Alright For VOLTZ, Beastnode Is Also A Good Provider, Beastnode Is More....."New Admin Freindly" I'd Go With A Beastnode Server,
  5. Howdy swap shop, I'm looking for a few (2-5) Good builders for my little private (Soon to be public) server, I'd like to add some burned-out / long forgotten esc type buildings, (Along the lines of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Or Fallout, (Post-apoc Buildings) Aslong with bunkers, Underground Research Facilitys, Etc, I'f you'd like to try and join, I'd like you're IGN, How long you've been playing VOLTZ, And some pictures of you're best builds, ( +points if you post pictures on topic)
  6. Ehem, "The goal of this modpack is to create a universal electricity that all machines take, instead of having two or three scattered around," Redpower uses bluetricity, Not U.E. ergo, no Redpower,
  7. Now That's What I Call A Bunker! Nice Job Man!
  8. Howdy fellow bunker-dwellers, I'd like to see other people's bunkers if they'd like to share them! (Post you're screenshots of you're bunker in this thread!) (Feel free to post other amazing things like defense systems, farms, houses, world gen errors, Etc,) I'd like to see some bunkers! Maybe the best bunkers after a month -or-so- can expect a nice little spot on the OP, of this threat,
  9. Hello VOLTZ players! I'd like to find a good host for VOLTZ to buy a personal server for me and my pals!, So what i'm really asking is, Does anybody know any good host sites for VOLTZ To buy from?
  10. Look, I Fucking Hate ThreadShitters. But This Server, Having Played On It For Atleast 35 Hours, Its. Its Not Good, I Really Do Hate To Say This As I Know How Hard Rep is To Get For New Servers, (I Used To Run Some,) But, The Server Just Isnt Fun, Map Resets Every Few Days, Loosing You're Inv, No Compensation, Abusive Admins, I Had An Admin Apon Learning I Use Headphones, Spam We With EMP Explosives. (Ear Rape.) So, If You're Looking For A PVP Abusive Deathmatch NevergoingtoacomplishanythinghigherthenT1, This Is You're Server. If You Want Something More..... Not Pointless, Look Around They Are Way Better For That. Personaly, Dont Play Here,
  11. Theres An Invs Greifing Hacker On The Server Throwing Grenades And Nuking Players, We Need An Admin
  12. Can You Not Read? Let The Mods Poke Fun At Your Blindness Now! Mauahaha! (Flys away in hot air Balloon)
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