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  1. Another way to get iron: use lightning on a bunch of pigs in the over world until you have killed enough pigs to get enough gold nuggets to make 3 gold ingots, then use these ingots to make a gold pickaxe, which can THEN be used to get the iron. Laborious? Yes. Pointless? Pretty much. Disproves your "no iron in this version being attainable" theory, so I count it as a WIN.
  2. Anyways you can't expect in-game rules to be applicable here denco. You need to stop talking, because you're starting to sound dumber and more nooby. That is all.
  3. @epicwolf88: Perhaps you should be a bit more specific... I'm pretty sure the mobs are the same as with 1.4.6, and plus there are better materials... Drr to simply say "machines and energy stuff" is extremely broad, plus there already are "machines and energy stuff" so I don't see what your problem is.

  4. Drr this man (man?) with his bad jokes. He thinks any of this is actually relevant.
  5. I'll apply for staff as soon as you put it up on the website. I feel it would be a bit hypocritical to do otherwise.
  6. I don't think that staff applications should be posted here. It kinda clutters up the page. However, I do enjoy this server. I'm just hoping you manage to fix the lag with the upgrade. Good luck Wireless :)
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