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  1. We are working on breaks, its almost impossible to make everything perfect. Trying to change data ID's can go horribly wrong sometimes, on the topic of HV pannels and MFE's and whatnot. It will probably initially be like that. Just re-spawn and everything should be fixed. About your loss of items, try to find a faction, I almost guarantee you will get some nice stuff. I'm a moderator, but the rules forbid me from giving people stuff. I haven't been on recently, sorry about that too.
  2. There is a fine line between what is griefing, and destroying the enemies base. The hard part is determining what is which, but now since the mining laser is banned, we shouldn't have this problem as bad as it was, of shotgunning bases to death.
  3. No, its up. We need to further define the definition of "griefing". I beleive that the breaking of blocks, machines, pipes, ect. falls under the definition. The mining laser is banned now because of it. Big scary explosives should usualy be restricted to mining only, unless they are used in the PVP designated area. What is not griefing, EMP devices to stop defenses, anti-missile missiles (in fact, everybody should get 5), chemical bombs, contagin bombs. All of these listed items do not do block damage. Also, we need to get a dedicated PVP warzone with a warp to it, so, enimes can kill each other with little consiquence, and people in the area actually know that PVP is freely allowed in the area. All Items should be able to be freeley used in the PVP area with the exception of the standardly banned items.
  4. Seems fair, I just wish we didn't have the massive craters around our base, but we can work around that. All of our machines, chests, and crates are gone now. Looks like more explosions.
  5. If you can, I'd recommend getting the InvSee plugin. If it works. That plugin will allow you to check other players inventories at any given time, and directly give and take items from players. I had to use it before on people who bypassed the lockkete plugin by blowing up chests.
  6. I also just noticed, the link to the pack is apparently hidden. I'd reccomend that you make it public, that way more people will find it. The link here is fine, it's just nicer to let people not looking for this in particular in finding it. I hope that made sense. Also, our faction was destroyed by BicBoiLand while nobody was online. They used what looks like sonic missiles to break everything, and they stole our quarries. All I know is that I spawned and I heard the sonic explosive sound, and someone invisible killed me with a diamond halberd. BicBoiLand is our only enemy faction, and this is where I draw the conclusion from.
  7. It's all fixed up now, apparently when he copied the link, he accidentally put in a space at the end of the link, therefore making it an invalid link.
  8. The faction mod seems to have exploded, kicking about 75% of people from their factions including me. Now, I am unable to use any of our equipment as a result, until this gets a confirmed fix, I will not be playing on the server. Also, the modpack seems to have either been erased from the tecnhic directory or the link given is now invalid. I was hoping to get my friend to play, but that's not working...
  9. One noticeable thing. You left you reis minimap coordinates in the pack, not sure if you intended to do that, but it's there.
  10. Good job, quick response too. I'm downloading the pack now and will either join, or edit this post saying there might be a problem. Its working, pretty well, I can't wait to join you guys in the "fun".
  11. You guys probably have a nice server, however, there is a new technic launcher out, and the link given in the instructions are no longer a valid place to pull stuff from. I'd recommend moving the link via upload to the technic website.
  12. Audio will generally lag depending on how much RAM the client allocated to their client alone. You should not be receiving this problem if you use the server from a different location, with the exception that I just stated. Do not allocate more RAM than you have, and also try to allocate just enough ram to get the job done, but without forcing the system to move resources away from the sound or video card. Servers do not actually make the sounds, it's completely up to the clients computer to decide when to do so, but in order for it to work, the server has to tell the client what is there. So, if you have clipping/teleporting mobs, inherently there will be issues.
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