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  1. IGN: KennyKatsu Age: 13 Favorite Mod (Just wondering): Power Converters Why you want to join: This seems like a really awesome server, especially when it has more mods. This seems like a server where nobody griefs and everyone can have fun.
  2. IGN: KennyKatsu Why I want to join: I like playing tekkit and feel like this server might have a good community. Why This Server: Because I feel that this server won't die anytime soon.
  3. I know the other mods but my favorite mod of them all is power converters since they allow teleporting power. You see if you convert EU into Buildcraft power and teleport the buildcraft power with teleport pipes. Then you can convert it back to EU
  4. Name:Tobi Minecraft Username:KennyKatsu Age:13 Preffered Tekkit Mod:Power Converters but it's only in 0.5.3 Are you banned in any server(Y/N): Nope
  5. You could prevent it by taking away the Dimensional Anchors mod. I have heard many peoples servers died because of it.
  6. Dimensional anchors broke your server obviously. I think they somehow stopped any chunk from loading anymore.
  7. Now Tekkit Lite 0.5.7 IP: taminnycraft.darktech.org:25568 Rules 1.Don't Nuke The Spawn 2.Don't Spam 3.Have Fun 4.Join The Server Already [Mystcraft Might Get Removed If It Causes Too Much Lag] No items are banned until they cause too much trouble. Plugins: Essentials and a Trade plugin In this server you can do what you want without much restrictions. Be a pirate and rob people. Make a giant factory and nuke your enemies. Just remember to have fun. Rei's minimap can also use the radar so you see mobs.
  8. I have been wondering when is the newest server hosting program for Voltz going to be out. The refined iron problem has been fixed so it would be nice to get in those servers that use the newest Voltz.
  9. Hey since you made the Mekanism mod I would ask you do you know how can I make refined steel without cheating because you need refined steel for the machines that make refined steel.

  10. This wiki has been up since the day Voltz was released http://voltz.wikia.com/wiki/Voltz_Wiki#
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