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  1. sounds like you're using a dodgy build of Cauldron (MCPC+) i had a similar problem that was fixed by updating to a more recent version, if that's not the case then, I'm sorry but at least it was worth a shot right?
  2. Don't rage at me for necro this topic is still relevant, and while ever LWC is a thing, always will be, Almost 2 years late: Tatsu, your issue is caused by dodgy yaml parsing, using tabs instead of spaces or something like that, to find out exactly whats failing i recommend you paste your core.yml into: http://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/ this will give you some idea of whats wrong, Vdub: it looks like LWC needs the "Un-shifted" Values for item ID's, these are found in the Mods configs, for some mods (not sure why not all) forge shifted the configured ID's +256 i hope the
  3. quick update, the new modpack is complete pending permissions from a couple of mod authors, all being well modpack should be public before the end of next week
  4. Alright so the first forum update in a while, mostly just an update on my plans and priorities, Todo and WIP List: Complete Market and Sort Out Stores For Players-WIP, Create and Maintain A Website-WIP (partial fix is temp forums: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Voltztekk/) Update/Create Custom Updated Modpack-TODO Heal Foot-TODO Survive-WIP you might have noticed the mention there of basically because it seems the technic team are otherwise occupied and voltz 1.1.4 is bugged out worse than 1.1.3...which is still pretty bad... details will be on the forum shortly
  5. answer to the teleporter's issue....World Anchors might not be very lag friendly, but they do the job...
  6. just to be really cheeky, would you share your Server mod files at all? i understand if you don't want to, but if i don't ask I'll never know, cheers
  7. server is still running 1.1.3 DO NOT UPDATE server is down while i trace the newest threat to spawn, 1 of at most 3, not really a smart idea to use redmatter while the owners on is it...
  8. just gonna be really cheeky and ask straight out: could you provide a download for the 1.1.4 server files? I understand if you don't want to, but without asking nobody knows, cheers,
  9. Ok So In Response To My Last Post, I Cant Log In Due To Mekanism Hating My Guts ATM, If Anyone Has A Fix Please Feel Free To Share (1.0.11 works fine...:/)
  10. The last few days saw me drop below acceptable depression limits with the server and rather than deal with it only to get more stressed i took a few days for myself to wind down and such, i have a copy of spawn on my desktop, i'm just going to flatten it and replace it to bedrock with a little box for the admin shops for nuclear boilers and nukes...screw the player market spawn doesnt currently survive long enough to warrent one, For Those Who Still Care, The Server Will Be Back Up In The Next Few Mins, For Those That Dont, I Hope You Have Found Love Elsewhere, May Your Missiles Fly True
  11. Factions Version is 1.8.0, Spawn Has Been Hit Again, Looks To Be A Regular Player Not Just A Newbie, Right Now I Don't Have The Drive To Fish Through Logs, And Being As How I Can't Get A Measly 3 Days Without Spawn Hits, The Server Can Stay Shut Off Until I Find This Effort, Speed Up The Process By Naming And Shaming!! Factions Link
  12. server will be up shortly, just some more minor fixes to do, WARNING: The Power-Tools Blink Drives And Plasma Cannons Have Been Made Uncraftable, If Your Tool Uses Either Or Both Of These Functions Please Remove It At Your Earliest Chance, Failure To Do So May Result In A Wiped Inventory in other news a new position may be available for Approachable, Sociable, KNOWLEDGEABLE Players in order to take some stress off me, The Mentor's as they will be known, will be OFFERED the position by an admin (not applied for, offered) and will be expected to answer the tutorial questions along t
  13. server is down untill further notice due to a massive spawn grief induced rage, to share insight on this contact dan.de.lion45 on skype
  14. Alright for those who care the server is down on request to fix a "Lag" issue and it turns out my access to the console has been restricted by a broken host page, hopefully it will be restored soon
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