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  1. its not tekkit lite. Its a costum modpack with a lot of beta stuff and dev builds of mods. So its not a public server yet.

  2. Hey greed i see you have a tekkit lite server up and running if you could white list me that would be awesome thanks.

  3. Hmm... a FTB user who choose to follow Kaker here?

    I smell a spy :)

  4. Hi Greed, could I get a pass for the TS? Grtz

  5. hey greed could u give me the ts3 password

  6. Server ip and teamspeak password when you get a chance thanks

  7. The moment that happens you dont "Own" the server anymore! since the guy you "might" find will pay the bills, run and manage the server and do everything a owner must do.
  8. ahh DXWarlock this guy is trolling just leave it :)
  9. DERP! sorry but you DERP! That is AMD platform that is NOT Intel ! INTEL record is 7.1 ON IVY BRIDGE we had it about you claiming to have 8Core Intel I7 on 6ghz (5.8 restatement) on AIR COOLING witch is still utterly not possible! you would fry your cpu in seconds since there is no air cooler that can handle that amount of heat output. Not even the CM V10 The only reason that guy had that is since he is using a very stable chipset, got a gold batch CPU with are extremely hard to find or very expensive to buy second hand and he had a AC constantly blowing into his System. and still this is not hitting the so claimed 5.8Ghz Edit: The guy itself stated that it is EXTREMELY unstable. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?264003-Gigabyte-GA-P67A-UD5-Discussion-Thread&p=4712082&viewfull=1#post4712082 He could run a official size SuperPI on it
  10. Air cooling !! dude you just topped of the troll cake!!!!!
  11. even then its complete bullcrap. The highest overclock is 7.1Ghz. And thats a world record Ivy bridge overclock! so no i still wont be think you are speaking the truth !
  12. 6Ghz is bullshit if i may be so blunt. 6Ghz is nearing LN2 cooling. Even watercooling wont be able to pull this 24/7 And Phase change MIGHT be barely keeping up with the amount of heat you produce but even then 24/7 is retarded since the phase change unit uses as much power as 3 PC's i still dont think you get it. let me say it again. Overclocking and PC modding is what i do. This is what I do! so i KNOW for a FACT that running a CPU on 6Ghz as a server 24/7 is utter bullcrap So you stating that you run on 6Ghz. No way tell the truth so we can MAYBE still help you !
  13. what are you even talking about ! Ofc like your CPU will fit in a home made socket. and why would you even do that since you gain nothing out of making it ! Do you even know what a CPU socket is ? Let me explain. yup yup only amd has actual 8Core CPU's Intel has max ( in the I7 base ) 6Cores with each 2 threads to a total of 12 Threads yup yup 8 core I7 i think you are on crack The highest I7 is the I7-990X Overclocked ? to get a fu 3,5ghz cpu with is about as high as they get stock. you need Dry ice, LN2 or dam good phase change boy! Take it from me, i am a overclocker and computer modder i know what i am talking about!
  14. Holy shit you run your CPU on LN2 day in day out ? Also look at your upload speeds and confrim the difference between Mb and MB 1Mb = 0.125MB
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