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  1. Yea i dont mind the pvp aspect but i find that new players get "owned" repeatedly and hunted down and raided. This type of server "voltz mod" with out protections like "towny" force ppl to move 10k from spawn to avoid getting raided. It lags the server very hard with everyone on boats in the oceans loading 3billion chunks. I haven't found a good server yet. I've played alot. Also the updates usually break the maps and have to be wiped. I quit playing voltz and do not recommend it to anyone not interested in playing with only their friends. Open servers are trash at the moment except for the most experienced players. Tekkit lite is pretty fun since ee is gone now. I'd stick with that.
  2. What is your Minecraft username? Blank_Man How old are you? 18+ In what country do you live? USA Will we find a ban record of you on a banlist like for example You will not. What is your favorite part of Tekkit/Tekkit Lite?The automation and machines and all the things i dont know about yet. Have you read through the thread as you should to avoid unnecessary questions later?Yes fully What makes you interested in Sweden Tekkit Lite? The thread i read seem this server is managed well. I want a place that i dont have to worry about the server restarting every week.
  3. Just try'n to help Server owners. Never expect it to be 100% Love the game and praise you Devs that work on it to make it so cool! Another thing i noticed and maybe its just my setup, maybe someone can confirm this. My MFFS Extractor works ALOT slower now and cant keep up with even the smallest forcefield. I wired ( with insulated copper wire) about 16 Heat gens to a bat box. then ran the bat box to the MFFS Extractor. Ive tested this in single player with different wires on creative and had no difference in energy transfer. Ive alst tested this using 7 MFFS Extracters to one MFFS Cap but the lag was so bad when i would turn on the Projector that it wasnt worth trying again. Before, i was able to have a 30 length cube (with distance upgrades) on and stable with a bout 28 heat gens. Now it cant process forcicium fast enough with only 14 gens. The problem lies in the upgrades, i think. When you add them the power bar that goes to 100% (the blue one) as it eats the forcicium, "Updates" faster, but it doesn't actually take any time of the extraction process. Ill explain that. With out upgrades in the extractor the blue bar jumps about 5 or 6%'s per update/tick/render. and With upgrades it updates about every 1% per update/tick/render. So the only thing the upgrades do for me is make a smooth extraction %age bar. right now i have only 14 heat gens (after the update) and when hooked to the MFFS Extractor through a Batery Box there is still energy left over to charge the BatteryBox. The extractor just wont use energy faster like it did before. This is different now because it takes between 14 seconds and 18 seconds (with and with out extractor upgrades) to use only one cycle of the 250 or so of each forcicium. Previously it would chew through the forcicum at about a rate 3 to 4 forcicium cycles per second with 19 upgrades. Is ANYONE having this problem? was there a update in to how we are to wire them? At this rate it will take hours to fill the MFFS Cap but only take a few minutes to blow through the energy saved when the forcefield is activated.
  4. Also i tested a few things out in single player. Loading chunks now makes my single player completely stall where i NEVER had a problem loading chunks before. This is prob why every volts server i play on now is down. Cheers to a well tested update.
  5. Many things are wrong with this update. Not quite sure why its still not a dev build. 1 It replaces all uranium ores in already loaded chunks to radioactive material. If this is its intent i can tell you everyone is bitching. Everyone is dying at there homes and its totally unappreciated as now it seems you must mine with a haz-mat suit in order to survive. Also most of the new items do not work with electricity as you would expect seeing that voltz was intended to have uniform electricity. All forcefields WONT WORK. All heat generators are glitched and interacting with them will log you off (internal server error) Coal generators generate a new meta tag when broken. and are not compatiable with the recipies that require coal generators. This is all i could find in the first 10 minutes of the update. If you like your players. dont update. Oh they did fix the dup bug but really messed up alot. haha figures.
  6. So this server is really bad. The staff suck and the title is just a lie. Its NOT a dedicated server.... Anyway the staff threatns to ban over using /color to brand new ppl that play when they could just block the user from using it. or just let ppl have fun with it. Its ran prob by a bunch of power hungry kids. The mods play and warp around to you with /vanish and spawn creepers at your base. So i got fed up with this server. I duped hard and blew up spawn after they spent all day working on it ( with out protecting it ) haha i got banned but i didnt care. Half the time the server is "down for upgrades" and the other half its lagging so bad because ppl are running out 40k blocks so they can be safe. Its a really badly managed server. Lag all the time. Block Lag, Movement Lag, even my cigarettes take longer to smoke when i play on this server. wdfq! I saw one of the "mods" harassing this persons base all last night too before i blew up spawn They were yelling "get out of my base" _minecraftman_(mod) was says "im just hanging around" and 10 min later the kids stuff was emp'd and blewn up. what gives ppl DO NOT PLAY ON THIS SERVER>