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  1. Oh well... I'm gonna join it when i buy it i guess
  2. Because i don't really have money to spare... (like most people) Kind of sad, i know
  3. Age: 14 (15 in a month) How long have you been playing: Since 1.1 On a scale from 1 to 10 in building where would you situate yourself? : 9-10 ( I'm pretty good) Do you have any pictures/links to your work where we can see you made it? : Yes http://imgur.com/a1TKwn6 What part would you like to build in the City? : Any modern part I would reccomend Attack of the B-Team, it has Microblocks, Carpenter's blocks, Biomes o' plenty & Natura so... there's a lot of blocks to build with But, there's one problem... I have a cracked Minecraft (i haven't bought the game yet) So... Is ther
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