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  1. This seems to be happening with different modpacks as well, including FTB. This means it's probably a common mod causing the crash. The general solution I've seen mentioned, and which has worked for me, is to log into single player once, leave that, then log into the server.
  2. Jacobblue34

    Non. What happened to liminality? I cant access the server. I need to speak with you or Non. Please email me at [email protected] I think liminality may have died and I dont like that.

  3. Another possibility is to go with an on-demand factory, one in which production is controlled by need, instead of a factory where crafting is controlled by the input of raw materials. I have a video tutorial of my on-demand design (which happens to make solar panels) on YouTube: To craft recipies that require multiples of non-stacking items, like the HV Transformer, you do need to do things differently—which is not covered in this video—but this can get you up to MV Solar Arays easily. The raw materials can be created any way you like: EE if you've got it, or using UU Matter if you don't. (My preference.) The pervious video in my series covers a redpower sorting and storage facility that goes well with this factory, but is not required for its operation. The next video is just a bonus machine I made.
  4. Is this fixed in the new (this week) release of Tekkit?