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  1. Again you are right one is assault and the other is...oh yeah thats right assault. It looks like you need to learn what assault is...herby to the rescue. Assault is the act of threatening others with physical violence. Battery is the act of physical violence.. For example If you go up to someone and say "If you do not touch your toes I will beat you till your mom does not know its you." That is assault... If you go up to someone and start punching them then that is battery.... If you go up to someone and say "If you do not touch your toes I will beat you till your mom does not know its you." Then you start punching them then that would be assault and battery... You should know this stuff man if you live in the US...its really one of the most basic of laws that you learn just from movies and tv. So your right there is a difference in kicking someone in the balls and jokingly saying you want to kill someone...but the difference in the the charges that could be filed.
  2. Look Braha,then delete the stupid crappy post...it does not make public humiliation of a kid...a child...a little person right. In fact just because it is a "unwritten rule" here does not mean that your "unwritten rules" override the laws of The United States of America (though I will state the fact that if this forum is not hosted in the US then it might not be illegal but that does not make it right morally or ethically. Oh thats a different story since it was just a joke. I got this great practical joke you have to try its the funniest ever...lol. OK, find a cop and kick him in the balls and then the look on his face would be soooo funny dude.
  3. Yeah I know its a bit drastic...lol...but the point is valid. Using his logic it means... "He has posted on the internet, his fate is sealed, same as all of us" That means that when/if post on the internet the you run the risk of being bullied buy others, but by him pointing that point out that mean that he is basically agreeing that it is OK to bully others (like the child in the OP.) I say that just because you can do something or that others do something does not mean that it is morally, ethically, or legally right. Just because you are out the in the world, and some people kill and rape does not make it "OK" for someone to kill or rape you. Soooo...the point is wrong is wrong and it is wrong for teens or adults (or kids) to try to bully others. I would love to get in the PAINS with the moron "mod" (if you can call this moral and mental deficient person a moderator) that decided it was OK to try and publicly humiliate a child...in fact I would love to Pains him up the A** with my foot in real life. (hows that for trying to start a PAINS match? lol) And this moron wants to kill the child for making an error.
  4. I can not believe that you all are being so mean to this kid at least he was trying. It is people like you and the mods here that are the cause of all the problems in the world...you are worse then the high-school bully, at least they could be mean to peoples faces unlike here you have you can sit at you nice safe desk. Grow up and learn that public humiliation of children is wrong...they just arrested two children for doing the same thing that some of you here are doing. Using that logic that means that it is ok to kill and rape people...learn to think...it is not ok to pick on a kid just because you are smarter or have more knowledge then him. I bet your mom would be so proud of you picking on Kids.
  5. That is the problem...it looks like you, more then likely, do not had admin rights one that User. Minecraft is installed in hidden folders that you need admin rights to. EDIT: Oops you have a mac...sorry dude but I have no idea what is going on..sorry. This shows you how to see hidden folders Also things called Big Dig and Tekkit are called "mod packs" because the already have many "mods" preinstalled. The pack called minecraft I am sure is just vanilla minecraft.
  6. Sorry my bad I thought I edited the comment... I got it working now. The instructions said to open the config file so I was going to the config folder looking for the config file and it was not there. After sleeping on it the solution came to me...the file you need is in the world save folder not the config folder...lol. Now I can finally make an underground city without hitting caves or mineshafts. Just to test it out so I knew if it was working I found a clear texture pack that let me see through the dirt and stone...yeah it is cheating but I already deleted the texture pack and even the world I "looked" at. mahalo
  7. Hmmm did not know that there was that many issues with it, I use it in some of the packs I play with and it has not coused any issues thus far...I must be lucky. To bad because I was never a real big fan of using BC for power generation and I have yet to try using UE yet.
  8. It should be as easy as that since I thing the configs are setup to that if you add the right IC2 version that there should not be any ID conflicts...I did it and it loaded right on up. Dwwojcik: Why would you not recommend not using Jenkins? Is there any issues? Or do you just not like it because it is not a "real" version of IC2?
  9. man I looked for over an hour and the best I found was for 1.4.4 MC. Good find there man! I tested the mod by adding files int the rar to the modpack.jar but since it is not a forge mod it is not even loaded. I then tried to put it into the Minecraft.jar and it crashes FML so the mod as it can not be used if you use forge.
  10. Aloha I was wondering what the chances of getting a mod that adds more aesthetic blocks to the pack? Now that we do not have to spend so much time mining it would be cool to have a mod like carpenters blocks or better world or any mod of that type. I know people can add mods but I just thought that having it "out of the box" would make this mod just that much better.
  11. Yeah yeah but they just do not have the extra bells and whistles that the others have...like colors syntax. I wonder if they added all the items that are registered in the ore dictionary...ie ore from mods that CoFHcore does not support out of the box like nether ores.
  12. Aloha, I really love this mod pack and I would like to use it to build a large underground city with out running into large cave systems. I thought that since cave are many an easy way to get the ores that you need without wasting your pick on cobblestone and since ores can be found all over the place, in this mod, that if there was an option that you could set to have cave gen disabled would be really cool. I Think it would need someone to make a small mod (I really do not thing it would take much time at all for someone that knows java and has a little exp in moding.) Here are are couple of ways that this might be-able to be done. 1) if there is someway to make the game skip the part where caves are "placed" 2) if after the world is generated you add one more generator that looks for...say, any "air/empty" block and IF that block is under say level 50 (if sea level is 64 that would let you still able to find "small" caves) THEN it replaces that with stone.
  13. Oh that I did not know...I though that the IC2 team just changed sites that they uploaded to...lol. I really am glad that fanboyism is doing that because there are alot of mods that use IC2. Mahalo for the information Lethosos I do not spend much time reading the forums but that time is used for playing MC...lol.
  14. IC2 has a version for 1.5.2...I can give you names of 20 packs that are for 1.5.2 that use IC2.
  15. Thanks for that information...this should do for now.
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