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  1. Hello Tekkiters, we are currently 4 active players and great builders on a 100% lag-free server hosted in Canada, we are looking for a few more mature (18+) players to join us. Please send me a PM if you would be interested.
  2. I'm looking for 3 to 4 more players. The server is lag free, we are currently 3 active players on it. Mature people only. PM if interested.
  3. I would be interested in starting a small scale server with 4-5 players max. I am 23 and I'm looking for mature players, I work during the day, but I'm usually on during the evening and weekend. I want to do kind of a role playing where everybody would build up their own company. I run the server from my desktop on a 25 down / 10 up connection located in Quebec, Canada (EST -5). The server runs on a core i7-3930k 4.7Ghz and ramdisk 2gb so plenty of space and super fast loading.
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