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  1. After looking around at different modpacks and such for minecraft after not playing for close to three years, I decided to try this out. I went to google and typed in servers and this one popped up. Copied the IP, told a few friends and we all hopped on. I haven't stopped playing this server for hours because it's just that enjoyable. My buddy and I plan on coming back from now on and it's given us a new reason to start playing MC again. It's like a breath of fresh air for us and want to enjoys it to the fullest extent. So far this server is pushing that drive. Wonderful server thus far. Everyone who's gotten on seems to be respectable and well behaved. After I've played for a while longer, I might seriously consider donating. You don't see very many Tekkit servers or really any modpack servers that run this well anymore. I would like to keep at least one alive. Keep up the wonderful work!
  2. As for the professional staff, you seem to be the only staff so I recommend you start appointing admins and mods to your server so you don't have a crap ton of people bitching to you all the time. Peace
  3. OK but no need to be a dick about it and with the particle accelerator there's no need because the new update caused it not to work anymore so even if I did spend the WEEKS of constant making the electromagnets and glass to go with it, it wouldn't matter because it doesn't work anymore because I tested it so good luck informing the players they can't make antimatter anymore until it's fixed. Good job driving a player away by being a butt about it.
  4. It takes 2508 electromagnets to build the stucture and can't possibly come up with that many resources, If you can I would love you forever. Thanks for taking some time to read this if you did
  5. Hi pixlepix this is Anthrodragon as you could probably tell from my name and was wondering if you could do me a favor and place down an instant LHC builder for me because it would take weeks irl because To build this structure 2508 electromagnets are needed and I can't build all of that in just a few days unless I didn't sleep so if it's cool with you to just place the instant one for me that would be awesome as I just spent 7 hours making a particle accelerator thanks for your time.
  6. I don't know whats going on with the server, it's been down a lot lately but I guess the good thing is (if you can really call it good) that it restarts every 12 hours. Admin Dragon
  7. The server is down but should be back up at 12:00 AM eastern time if it's not back up before then.
  8. RC is setting fire in front of spawn against the rules because if it is then King_nelso needs a tempban but I'm not sure if I can if it's in front of spawn and not in spawn.
  9. Spawn got griefed and there are only two people I think might have done it but cant, riverorion99 or topselementz but since i didn't get there in time I can't make a decision.
  10. All you have to do is when you start your Technic launcher go to options and select recommended build to 3.1.2 then update so you can join, I'm pretty sure you won't lose any data on previous builds but don't quote me on that because I'm not 100% but yeah give the server a go it's really fun.
  11. Don't know who the culprit is but someone put RM blocks all around spawn. Update, connor5454 was found griefing spawn with a philosopher stone and also made giant holes with red morning star. I warned him multiple times and after he said to me yeah what can you do, so I kicked him.
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