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  1. The thing is.... EE is like.sucking blocks.out of sun. Its much like magic. Ic is much what it says industrial. Raw freaking.stuff. Like there you have to find lava or something to convert to power for macerating and smelting. EE is okey. Take something super freaking expencive put.it out doors and charge a small staff. Then you puts that staff in a redmatter furnace and you got the same stuff that a Macetator and a furnace do. Quicker and easier.. Im accualy don't like that.. Its okay when your character I's " awrsome" but.. You don't have to waste a shit.. Exept the stuff you are building the machine of... Hope it made the stuff clearer.
  2. I dont know how to contact the modders but anyway dont you think it would be nice to have forestry and mystcraft in tekkit? Atleast forestry..
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