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  1. i wiil join your server are there any banned items?

  2. Still recruiting small server survival partner for 12am eastetn to whenever I'm from easter us/canada time I use skype and I'm hosting need whitelisted as well as hamachi. Pm me or email me [email protected]
  3. [edit Nov. 28, 2012] i have finally made a server small one or 2 people extra hamachi is needed skype is preffered if you want to play and have fun maybe someone who wants to do HD vids of lets play my server will be survive only no spawning items or using NEI they will be available but i preffer you do not use them as i have not found out how to disable them >.< it is a whitelist so request to be added msg here or email [email protected] thanks :) i work 2:35pm eastern time us/canada to 12am eastern time us/canada i leave for work about 2pm
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