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  1. Do you know how to pump out liquids using mechanical pipes?
  2. Hello! Is there a good wiki with updated information about the mekanism mod? I know about the universal electricity and voltz one but they are both outdated.. I have several questions but the most important on is how do you pump out liquids from a dynamic tank using mechanical pipes?
  3. IGN: Ikon106 Age: 15 Project you plan to build: A large in-the-air quarry, and sorting system Minecraft experience: LOTS Tekkit experience: Not so much, I am hoping this server will get me going. Why you want to join the server: I like smallish, white-list servers. And the fact that it is PVE i a great bonus.
  4. I meet all the requirements, but 1- I will not post my Skype publicly, PM me if you're interested. 2- I don't really know anything tekkit, so you guys could teach me???
  5. Could you post a mirror download link? 4shared doesn't work in the country that I'm in.
  6. It always says "error deleting temporary files". What are the temporary files and how can I delete them manually? And what happens if they dont get deleted.
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