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  1. @Julian I haven't checked the Feed The Beast modpack yet. When all the SP mods have been updated to MP and I make the switch to my own server, I'll decide which modpack I'll use. I myself don't particularly care about the whole permission issue as long as credit is given. The mods are free to use so to prevent people from using it seems kinda petty to me. As I've said, I think the community feeling (and size) is more important. Any idea on popularity of FTB compared to Tekkit? Can't really imagine it being more with the Yogcast series of Tekkit being so successful (Still no java's though..!) Monster spawns as in not enough lighting? Yeah despite the truckload of torches already present, I think I added a few extra after release as well. No biggy. I wouldn't have mind a mod that makes lighting an area (ie: no mob spawn) easier though. As far as the machines go. I deliberately didn't use the advanced ones because I wanted people (including myself) to experience the 'upgrade phase'. At first I wasn't even planning any giving any free machines at all, but that would just break the functionality and be too difficult for people who don't understand the tube/pipe system. Especially since so much of the tubes and wiring runs through the floors/walls. If you haven't designed it you might not know what's going on so it had to be working "as is". But uhm... you put a nuclear reactor in your house? Feeling courageous aren't we? I don't fiddle around with them too much and when I do I make sure to keep my distance I actually have an oil refinery setup. - Oil is turned into fuel. - Combustion engines provide Buildcraft power. - This BC power is converted into IC power (thanks to the Transformer mod I believe) and send into an MFSU. Sure it's easier to just build many solar panels, but this way I still occasionally have to hunt for oil wells. As in: Go into a mystcraft world, find an oilwell, setup a pump system with a liquid minecraft loader, send the cart through a portal back to your refinery with the liquid unloader. All of this gives you a 'mission' and increases the appreciation for power imo. Plus I like making use of the mechanics that way. :)
  2. What exactly would you like to see being added Everest? I personally consider the Horizon facility a finished release. The purpose of the upload/map was to give people who start over (since the 7.2 release) an advanced starting home that gives you a lot of freedom to do whatever you normally would do in a new world. In many cases I deliberately kept the interiors semi-blank for further improvements. It's just a new world, with a home. I thought about adding a giant wall with a moat/road and guard towers etc.. I already had done the designing for all that before 7.2. but not everyone might want that around their home so I didn't add it. Although not being able to copy/paste it in the new world because of block-id issues also played a role in that. :PP Point is, minecraft is your own adventure. Pick up those blocks and shape the world around you how you see fit. And as always: by all means, post pics of it! :)
  3. Hey Julian, good to see you again. Yeah I know you're really into the modding yourself but for me I like playing a standardized mod pack even when it's just SP. Community feeling and all.. perhaps that makes no sense to others. But also when putting a lot of work into a map, I'd prefer that it's accessible to everyone, even without 'modding' skills. At the moment I'm not playing any minecraft. Still my favorite game though. Hell I'm sometimes still walking around with my 2 different minecraft t-shirts. Real chick magnet I tell ya I'm okey with waiting for the next major update. I'm pretty sure that I'll move on to multiplayer at that point and set up my own 24/7 server. Not open for 'anyone' but just with a small group of dedicated people. Kinda like what Direwolf has going on. Each his own Myst world with a shared hub and a main world. I like the idea of shaping the world - to improve it - together. Without cheating and since you're working with others you kinda have to settle on certain building permits/rules to prevent cluttering everything up. I suspect that only works with like-minded people though. As you can tell from my Horizon map I'm more into functionality. While pretty, I don't care much for a giant 2d megaman sculpture next to my home since it serves no actual purpose lol.
  4. Hey guys. Glad you like it Brymaer. I explained some things in the youtube video: But if you have any questions about the "technical stuff" feel free to ask. It's definitely made for Technic for the sole reason that is has many mods that I find important in my minecraft experience. Thaumcraft being one of those and Mystcraft a good second. (Even though all my Myst worlds seem to go corrupt sooner or later... ) A Tekkit version might have gotten more attention though. I'm not aware on the current situation of the map edit mods/programs. When I build the Horizon facility the map edit tools didn't work with microblocks and or basalt/marble (ie: Redpower mod). I'm sure anyone who has downloaded the map and took a look around breaking stuff, will see how many microblocks have been used in the construction. Rebuilding the entire thing will take way to long. Besides, minecraft is all about creativity and exploring new things. I probably had more fun designing the building and its functions than actually playing it. But that experience is different for everyone. I personally loved figuring out the redstone coding for the 1 button elevator control for example. Once Technic/Tekkit "merge together" and minecraft has advanced a bit more I'll probably (re)build another giant complex and do another playthrough. There are some features I really like from Horizon that I'll probably use again, like the frame sorting/storage chest elevator for example. It's extremely compact and I prefer it much more than a static "chest room". I'd like to hear you guys thoughts on this: - What features did you like and dislike about Horizon and what would (or did) you change or improve?
  5. what blocks was used to create the floor in the project horizon thaumcraft room please as a distroyed one by accident but it never dropped a block Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the .zip upload Goreae. I've been busy with other things but just started picking up Minecraft again. ) How've you guys been doing with project Horizon? Would love to see some more screens!
  7. Hey Oka, I might make my own world available for download later on when I added some more 'projects'. I feel it's still too empty as of yet. I don't want to add something ugly/inefficient that I'll regret later on so it typically takes quite some planning beforehand whenever I decide to build something. I still need to do a powerplant and a high speed monorail system leading to other places away from Horizon. Thanks Elmarko. Redpower is such a cool mod. (Big thanks to Eloraam!) It allows for so much more designing freedom. Of all the things in Horizon, I'd say the sorting/storage frame elevator is my favorite as well. Designing it was a bit tricky but a lot of fun. I mainly wanted to avoid having just a standard big "chest room". The other thing I originally considered was a storage warehouse further away with a "call on demand" system that involves chestcarts and lots of item (un)loaders. It would take up lots more space though, and since the Horizon facility is lifted into the air, you can't expand too far downwards. By the way, it is possible to add a 5th chest floor to the frame elevator. It's the main reason why the chest viewing area is lifted up some blocks otherwise the bottom would stick out the floor of the Machine room down below. I don't think I'll add that extra floor anymore though, as I'm quite content with the 4 main categories. (Building blocks/Gems & ores/Tech/Misc) I'm curious, has anyone already used the Misc category and added the items to the sorting machine? If so; which 6 sub-categories did you use? I have yet to do mine and am using the crystal overflow chest as my misc item so far. Yeah redpower blocks don't have correct water flow around them. But you can always do the inside of the building with microblocks! Post some screenshots of that underwater city when you can. I'm interested in seeing other designs for inspiration. I'll definitely build 'something' underwater at some point but I haven't figured out what. Future project It will probably involve some modular force fields as well.
  8. I just finished my frame airship: \o/ It can go to all 6 directions (omnidirectional). The actual engine itself is only 4x4x4 blocks. Don't think they come any smaller than that. (If you have/know one, please share! ) It's really hard and tricky to make something decent looking on frames since everything has to be connected to the frames thus limiting your design options greatly. I went with a somewhat UFO-ish look. The 3 block wide outer skirt (netherbrick) is purely for decorative purposes and when removed the thing becomes much smaller of course. The black line is a jacketed wire which can send an off-signal to the condensers you see holding tainted crystals (with the "Concentrated Evil" upgrade). There's 25 of them in total which sucks out all the taint in the chunk very rapidly. There's an onboard internal storage for 6000 taint which is connected to an automatic purifying loop that destroys taint at a steady pace. Just park the hovership in a tainted area you want cleansed and flip the switch. Win. Here's what the entrance (in the back) looks like: You can see the storage tank to the right, where the blutricity cables also run to the solar panels on the roof. The controls are done with a Redpower computer. Had to learn some basic Forth programming for that. Not easy, but very cool. Above the monitor you also see a Void Chest which has a Void Interface on top which can teleport items (like fresh tainted crystals) in and out towards my Thaumcraft center. Beyond the cables is the viewing area (the front in the first picture) with 3 windows, which gives you a nice view of the surroundings to determine which direction to go.
  9. rofl... that explains why I was a little puzzled. I've been playing around with microblocks almost more than with regular blocks but couldn't for the life of me figure out how you made that. It looks interesting! I'm not quite sure if I want it in myself because I kinda like designing the things myself. But is it compatible with the texture pack though and easy to install without other compatibility issues?
  10. Looking good Julian. I haven't even touched my house yet! Too busy with other (minecraft) projects. When I started I placed a bed in there and that has been it. Those chairs you've made, is the sitting area 2 by 2 or what? Because if not, then I'm not sure how you made the arm rests half of the back of the chair when it seems to be all 1 block high (except for the chair legs) Sure. Hope this one works for ya: http://www.speedyshare.com/PjRun/Project-Horizon.rar
  11. Ah, I meant Void chests actually. I use the ones I found underneath the Monoliths and they work quite well. There is this thing you can research in Thaumcraft called the Void Interface. You can attach this on top of a Void chest and then it will work similar like the Ender chests. Better in some way actually because you can have multiple pages (though only 6 colors(/categories) I believe). Yeah there are some items that can be a pain to get. Getting a divine rod solved all my diamond problems though. And exploring the gigantic cave system underneath Horizon territory gave me plenty of all other metals/ores. Never even had to dig a mine shaft straight down. It was quite fun exploring instead of digging! Haha, there's so much space left and not enough plans to use them. I think I'll use the 2nd and 5th floor mostly for decorative purposes. 5th floor seems pretty fitting for an indoor swimming pool or something but I have no clue on the 2nd yet. Portal room seems okey! I personally use all my portals (Mystcraft, Nether and thaumcraft) in the attic of the "house" and there will be a shortcut to that attic from the Thaumic center as well. But I don't allow portals anywhere else. I try to separate my machinery/industrial revolution kind of vibe with the magic. Same with the Void chests/Ender chests. Ah too bad. It's one of my favorite mods right now. The taint can be a bit scary yeah cleaning it up adds another big goal to the list of things to do. The world seems much more alive when it it potentially dangerous and subject to change.
  12. Nice pictures Julian! It's cool to see it in a different texture pack. Sometimes you've got some weird shading going on due to the microblocks. Upping your lighting setting (there are 2) might fix that. I've also heard that Eloraam might change that in future releases as well. Your hanging terrace looks so crowded now. Nice, I like it. It also seems you've got enough power going on... rofl Not a big fan of EE myself but to each his own. I spend most of my time on thaumcraft and finally finished all the research! I also originally thought about including Black hole chests and/or Enderchests on the frame storage/sorting elevator but them being accesable through all kinda defeats the whole purpose of moving them up and down to the right floor... At the moment I only use my blackhole chests in the Thaumic center (it's where the magic flows afterall) and will probably not use them anywhere else except for a portable one in my alchemy bag in case I need to access some of my thaumcraft items off-world. :)
  13. Thanks. Are you sure that applies to crystals you've put down yourself as well though? Don't think I've noticed the taint charge going up but as long as it's in a controlled environment I don't mind too much. Yeah I already had 1 in each corner of the Thaumic attic, covering 4 chunks. I've also began placing one totem of dawn in every chunk of the Horizon facility. Will take me 41 totems but I'm already at about one third progress. It should give the facility a nice aura rating and improve the surroundings too. I've also just started using 5 condensers with the "concentrated evil" upgrade. Putting tainted crystals in there will suck up all the taunt in the atmosphere and store it nicely in my reinforced tanks. One chunk (the one with the crucible) now practically has zero taint. My tanks hold about 4000 vis and 4000 taint at the moment. Both have a capacity of well over 15.000. When time comes that the taint tank is getting too full I can always run it through several purifiers to nullify it. I've also made up my mind what I'm gonna build for the landing pad on top of the elevator! It's gonna be a redpower frame airship that will act as a mobile taint removing factory. Totems, Condensers, those arcane seals that equalize the aura's, etc.. etc... Hell, maybe even a giant silverwood tree on top, see if I care. Lots of stuff to put on it and when it's done with its job I can simply move to it another tainted area.
  14. Ah TNT mining... I should try that some time! I think I've got like 2-3 stacks of gunpowder now (mostly from underground chests). For me the main reason I don't want to dig too much down is because of crystals. I don't want to destroy any in the chunks under the Horizon facility. I kept all the ones I found earlier intact and now can farm them with the Crystalline Bell. I'm starting to create ores and place them on the inside walls of my thaumcraft basement. I don't have much experience with geothermals or teleport pipes. I can tell you however that I added a bucket of lava on top of the volcano to make it appear more active. I've started using some wind power as my first upgrade in power. Placed them on the roof of the 6th floor elevator which is about the highest you can go. The main benefit is that there is already a glass fiber cable running there so I didn't need many extra resources. Download Winrar http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
  15. I do think all the wiring, machinery and abnormal amount of microblocks might cause a few frames per second to drop but it shouldn't suddenly make the game unplayable. If you want to test some more I suggest going into creative mode and destroying 'certain things' to see if it makes a difference. I suggest starting with all of the frame storage/sorting elevator. (It doesn't cause any problems for me though.) Thanks for the compliment Boesshawn! After spending so much time building it, I'm currently having a blast actually playing the map myself. Quite a lot to figure out though because I've never done a full playthrough before. If I see any improvement designs on the Horizon facility to accommodate for more mod features I'll post an update. Which controls are you referring to? Do you mean the logic gate circuitry? If you have any specific questions regarding that, feel free to ask. Yeah I wasn't quite sure yet what to do below ground level. "Minus 1" is meant to be for the logic circuitry and nothing more. I suggest if you want to have more space, or mine, you extend the elevator downwards and create a "Minus 2/3/4/.." all the way to bedrock. If you do want to do all that, you'd probably need to copy the elevator design and have it assign it's own input color. Or you could use the existing elevator circuit but there are already 6 floors. Then you'll have to click 7 times to go to "minus 1", and 8 times for "minus 2", etc.. I'm not sure if I'll do that on my map though. I'd rather have my mines further away from the building. Connected with high speed monorails etc..
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