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  1. Wondering: Will Technic ever fix the constant 502 errors, or will the Platform only be accessible 1% of the time?

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    2. CanVox


      We're making some server conversions tonight that will improve behavior.
    3. CanVox


      We pull in enough money from ads to pay for the servers to serve our users, our historical problems have been that in Platform 1, we were using a framework that did not scale well enough to make it a fixable problem.

      With the new platform, we can scale up to match users, our main problem over the past few days has been the manpower to adjust things to handle the bandwidth.

      So over the first 3-4 days, we've improved caching at both the launcher and the website, rebu...
    4. CanVox


      Haha welp I posted a lengthy description of what we'd been doing but it was too long for the shoutbox and so it got eaten. We've been doing a lot of fixes for the platform and tonight the largest one is going through.