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  1. I did not consider redstone when putting it in the chest but facepalmed when I started to play this. Energy collector will work though
  2. Just a side note that I wasn't originally going to post this, but my brother really wanted me to
  3. I don't take any credit for this. None at all. All I did was get the skyblock map and modify it slightly so it fit tekkit. In the main chest there are now once peice of copper, tin, nikolite, and silver. There is also 4 more obsideon in the desert to make a transmutation tablet. A philosiphers stone was added to the main chest so you could make iron and diamonds out of (SPOILER ALERT ON BOTTOM) just like in Feed the Beast. Again, I say that I take no credit and I am not making any profit off of this map. Thank you for reading and if you want you can download this and play it with your fri
  4. I have been waiting for this to release or even get an update, but I think the OP abandoned it Therefore if they don't say anything I will try to make this map, no guarantee though
  5. I'll try out minimr's seed, but Millenaire villages don't depend on the seed. Also volcanoes don't erupt (but I think they should)
  6. The Incredible Portals of Shrinking will be an open world playground/adventure map with a loose story line having to do with finding shrinking portals in your small house. I'll be posting the first screenshots soon, so if your interested watch this thread. EDIT: Due to large and unforeseen problems with my computer I cannot play Technic for awhile, this map may not be finished
  7. Not a seed, random occurence
  8. For Technic 6/ Minecraft 1.1 I already have an entire topic for this seed but for people who don't look there Winter* Thats Winter* with a capital W and an asterisk Spawns you in front of a HUGE canyon (not ravine) Picture courtesy of Chewy's post on my thread Remember to go IN the canyon... you will notice many rubber trees to the left, I think theres like 10
  9. Just looked at when it says my birthday is.... I don't think I entered that in

  10. I'll do it When I'm partly done I'll post my results
  11. What do you mean by loading item states?
  12. Chewy, did you end up going inside the canyon? Thats where the really cool stuff is Oh yea, and if you notice in the screenshot you will see a tower sort of thing, that or a bandit camp always seems to be there
  13. I'm sorry but maps seemed the only good place to put this The seed is Winter* This is not the ripoff lava spawn seed, if you notice there is a * at the end Also remember the W is capital I'm not good with image posting sites so I'm not sure if I can get screen shots But lets jsut say that theres a HUGE valley (not ravine) at sea level with mountains around it that looks like this [_]
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