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  1. guys we are looking for people who are REALLY wanting to join, not to just fill out whitelist and log on for an hour a week then go back to playing cod.. if you are REALLY interested then please REAPPLY
  2. sieg how do you get on the vent server?

  3. you have been whitelisted info in your inbox! still looking for and accepting apps!
  4. you have have been whitelisted important info in your inboxs
  5. i like it here...

  6. OVERVIEW: Generation:X is a community focused on enjoying the basics of minecraft/tekkit Break, Build, Punch, And Mine... with you're friends! We just recently started a new map on our tekkit server, and are looking for new faces to join our gang of friends/acquaintances to keep our community growing. We like to keep a fun/laid back atmosphere to our server where mods aren't putting you down because they have extra power, and where you aren't bogged down with so many rules and reminders that you simply don't want to play the game any more. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We are looking for players with a few key characteristics: 1. someone who is active in the community. 2. someone who isn't afraid to help out a member in need. 3. someone who will join Out Vent server with other members / be social 4. someone who isn't "the best tekkit player of all time" and last but not least someone who will be themselves, enjoy the server, and stick around for many fun times! THE SERVER: Our server is hosted near Dallas Tx. It also runs on 3.5 gigs of ram with minimal to 0% lag depending on your connection. Server up time is 100% 24/7 unless server host is having issues or doing updates! Tekkit Server IP: Vent Server: Ip: Port: 3794 Password: Upon Joining SERVER RULES: NO Griefing or Stealing NO Exploiting bugs of ANY KIND NO disrespecting the mods / owner Have respect for peoples building space (Give yourself room to expand) HAVE FUN! *spawning in items/teleports/time changes* *will not be given so please no begging* APPLICATION: Name/Nickname: IGN: Age: Time Zone: Will you use Ventrilo? (to talk / interact with the community) Will you be a dedicated player on our server? Why should we add you/a little bit about yourself: Pictures!! nothing too crazy because the map was wiped spawn, and spawn beach! little spawn area the beach!
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