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  1. username: lenwe_telrunya age: 15 location: central united states have you ever been banned: nope can you read and write English: of course what's rule number 7: obey admins and mods summarize your tekkit/mc experience: I have been playing tekkit for 2 1/2 years and I absolutely love it
  2. I'm sorry for the being the cause of the money wipe and I want to make it up to you people any way I can. Even though I was bribing people not handing out money I'm still sorry. From Clone
  3. Your ingame name: cloneco Why you want to join our server: I really want to play in a server that runs this new modpack Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which? No. Something about yourself: I am 14 and I realy like Tekkit especially the new pack
  4. alright but there is nothing i can do now the cards are in the mail
  5. MC Account Name: cloneco How long have you been playing Minecraft? 2 yrs How long have you been playing Voltz/Universal Electricity? Couple months What would you say your skill/knowledge level is in Voltz? fair Why do you want to play on the server? My other server died and I want to play on a more lively server What do you think you'd like to do if you are accepted? Be really happy then start a small factory and go big.
  6. Username: cloneco Age14 How long have you been playing Minecraft?:for about a year Do you know much about Voltz?: enough to get a good start Why do you want to play on this server?:so i can get better at volts and play with other people. What do you like doing in Minecraft/Voltz?: building factory's and launching missiles.
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