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  1. To join the server you must be on the recommended version of TPPI (1.1.2a) ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="315px">"> Welcome to our TPPI server! Our staff come from previously experienced admins capable of bringing you a pleasant gaming experience. We are privately owned, expanding everyday, and come from a background of playing on neglectful servers. We hope to change that. ____________________________________________________________________________ IP: tppi.ClawkworkDynasty.com Website: www.clawkworkdynasty.com Note: The server is open to slot expansion if needed. ____________________________________________________________________________ Server Specs: Intel Dual Xeon 5420 24 Gigabytes DDR3 4 Terabytes of storage ____________________________________________________________________________ Plugins: Towny LWC RegionForSale Chestshop Essentials ____________________________________________________________________________ No mods removed with the exception of a few banned items to prevent mass griefing, list can be found at spawn. A full list of rules can also be found at the spawn. ____________________________________________________________________________ About the owner: I've gone by Clawx207 since elementary school. At the moment I got to college for Computer science, specifically Database Engineering. I've worked for almost 5 years in Minecraft servers, becoming quiet obsessed with the concept. I do not tolerate griefing. Your sad attempt can be easily erased with a ban & a roll back. Typing the command takes me merely 10 seconds at max. Save us both the time. ~ If you have any suggestions or comments for the server, please, feel free to post on our website or in the forums below ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="315px">
  2. In order to join the server you must be on Attack of the B-team version 1.0.12a, in order to get this version, go to the B-team menu, below it click on the gear icon and select recommended build IP: bteam.americantao.net --Salutations, random forum lurker! Welcome to AmericanTao B-team server, where you can raid, grief, and PVP all to your evil little black heart's desire! Burn your enemies, betray your team mates, or try to survive peacefully inside a chaos ridden-world run by anarchists, your choice! We hope you enjoy the time spent on the server, and you should have no problems as long as you follow these rules: - 1)Respect Staff and all players - 2)Do not attempt to Crash the server - 3)Do not exploit Hacks/Cracks/Glitches/Dupes - 4)Do not attempt to Grief the Spawn area - 5)Keep swearing and Caps. to a minimum Ranks: Visitor: Default Normal: 1 hours, access to /shop, /sethome, /tpa, /tpahere Regular: 12 hours, access to /kit regular Veteran: 48 hours, access to 3 homes Elder: 72 hours, access to /top, /jump, /kit elder Yin: 1000 power in a faction, 500 mobs killed, 100 hours, access to /heal Yang: 1000 power in a faction, $100000, 100 hours, access to /back Celestial: Chosen by staff, accesss to /fly --As long as you follow this set of guidelines, you should have no problems with staff bothering you, and you may embark upon your demented killing spree. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --And these items are banned for various reasons, which include causing lag and crashing the server: - Archimedes ships (may give access in the future) - Dubstep guns(Donor) - Rapiers(Unfair) - Minions mod(Broken) - Statues mod (Staff only) - Voodoo poppets(Harassment) - Poppet shelf(Chunk-loading/High RAM usage) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donate to us at donate.americantao.net
  3. Ok start from scratch, Extract your bigdig.zip to a folder and replace the bigdig.jar with the mcpc+ .jar.
  4. Ok i ment minecraft version im guessing 1.5.2 based on the startup log
  5. Just to make sure, do you have the mods and coremods in your server folder? What version is your server on?
  6. Clicking this link: http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus-Legacy/653/artifact/target/mcpc-plus-1.5.2-R1.1-forge738-B653.jar will download MCPC+ the problem with your server start is that it is not downloading the needed files due to the change in minecraft libraries. Click the link and you will get a jar called "mcpc-plus-1.5.2-R1.1-forge738-B653.jar". Rename it to BigDig.jar (Or whatever you have it named as) and replace the .jar inside your server folder with your newly created one
  7. do "/op [RedPower]". As for the engines exploding, its because in essentials or greifprotection or whatever other plugin, you may have explosions disabled. If they are, then when the engines reach explosion heat, they will send out a damage wave, but not actually explode.
  8. ModifyWorld does not support MCPC+. The result of using it will be players being almost unable to do anything. I would Remove it. From the layout of your permissions you look to be using its sister plugin PEX. I would suggest using GroupManager as it is more compatible with MCPC+. Edit: If you are looking for a plugin to restrict Items, use NoItem http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/noitem/
  9. Server is staying at an average of 20 tps after a change to the bukkit.yml. Thanks for playing!
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