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  1. Two things-First, EVERYONE HERE NEEDS TO STOP POSTING. THIS THING DIED A MONTH AGO. Second- Even if it were still up, you wouldn't have been approved. There's no PvP or fighting, everyone works together(or gets banned) At least, that's how it was before it shut down.
  2. OH GOD I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THIS POST sorry guys, long story short, the server crashed, when I went to put it back up the world was corrupted. It's now a private server where I co-op with some friends. oh, and if you want the link to the MineCraftForum post, here it is.
  3. Can I have the link to MCF

  4. MinecraftForum Post. I'm unable to set up my EMail for this, so I have to use the MCF post. PM me if you want the link(it requires a curse account, sadly)
  5. Alright, everyone. I'm not going to accept any applications on here, you'll need to head over to the MCF Post(named X's Classic Tekkit Server). This post is old, obsolete, and I don't get any E-Mail notifications. Sorry for the inconvenience, hope to see you there.
  7. Sounds awesome, wish I could help but I can't mod or texture at all. I may make a good playtester, and I'm pretty creative with ideas. Either way, I can't wait for this to come out :D
  8. Hey, looking for 1 person to host a Tekkit server for my friend and I. Both of us are Male, my friend is 13, I'm 15. I have Skype, but he doesn't unfortunately. I'd be fine if this person who hosts the server joins us in the co-op.
  9. So, I did have a small 6 player game(counting me) going for a while, but then all my friends started playing Day Z and the server went down because of lag. I don't own Arma II or Day Z so I was instantly left without anything to do. I'm hoping for a small co-op possibly?
  10. Looking for another person able to host, can be Hamachi. PM me with your skype username.
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